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CyberPower Wall Surge Protector CSP600WSURC2

One thing that is a must for all electronic products, whether new or old, is a surge protector. The lack of a proper surge protection device can end up costing you hundreds (or even thousands) of dollars. It is an absolute crucial piece of equipment that is critical in keeping your expensive electronics safe. And this CyberPower Wall Surge Protector is one of the best and most highly rated on the market.

A surge protector not only features an extra power outlets for plugging in your gadgets, but also helps to limit the voltage passing through to devices. This keeps the electronic products safe from sudden increases in the voltage. Some of the surge protectors available in the market, are not only made for protecting your devices from surges over their power cables, but also help to prevent voltage spikes in other wired connections like Ethernet or coaxial cables.

Why this surge protection gets so much praise…

CyberPower CSP600WSURC2 Surge Protector is the best for protection of home and office electronics, using 6 swivel outlets, Two 2.4 Amps shared USB ports, wall tap design, and 1200 joules. It will protect all electronic equipment, including computers, printers, stereos, phones, etc. The two USB ports help you recharge your smartphones, tablets, other USB devices and other different kinds of rechargeable electronics. The company provides a limited lifetime guarantee and a $75,000 connected equipment guarantee on the Cyberpower surge protector.

Moreover, the two banks of swivel outlets are ideal for protecting and distributing the outlets present in tight spaces. A great thing in the Cyberpower surge protector is that, it is equipped with Metal Oxide Varistor (MOV) Technology. This technology is responsible for allowing regular current to flow through the connected gadget and redirecting the surges using its ground circuit. After MOV technology, another feature of the Cyberpower surge protector is EMI/RFI filters. These filters act as a wall against radio and electromagnetic interference, and assure a clear and uninterrupted power for connected electronic equipment. The casing of the Cyberpower surge protector is quite durable and sturdy. This is because its casing is made using an impact-resistant material. The manufacturing facility of CyberPower is ISO-9001 certified and its products are UL and cUL listed.


  • Measures 4.02in x 5.79in x 2.2in
  • Weighs 0.24kg or 0.53lbs
  • Features a Wall Tap plug
  • Plug type is NEMA 5-15P and Outlet type is NEMA 5-15R
  • Includes 6 outlets and 2 USB charging ports
  • USB charging ports have an amperage of 2.4A (shared)
  • EMI/RFI Filtration is 150kHz – 100MHz
  • Surge suppression is 1,200 joules,
  • Integrated with MOV Technology
  • Has a response time of < 1 nanosecond


  • Reasonable price
  • Durable, and sturdy casing
  • Powers everything flawlessly
  • Limited lifetime guarantee
  • $75,000 connected equipment guarantee


  • No screw attachment for the outlet plate
  • Customer service is poor
  • USB charging does not work well
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Priced Under $20
 CyberPower Wall Surge Protector CSP600WSURC2


If you are looking for the best surge protector to keep your electronic equipment safe from surges/spikes then Cyberpower surge protector should be your choice. Its remarkable features make Cyberpower surge protector the best in the market.

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