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5 Best RV Microwave Reviews for 2021

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RV Microwave and RV Microwave Convection Oven

RV microwaves are specifically designed for use in recreational vehicles, with rugged electronics to withstand the vibrations of travel. With a 4-6 year lifespan, RV microwaves cost $150-$400 on average. So if you own an RV for more than 6 years, the chances are high that you’ll need to replace your RV microwave.

Selecting the best RV microwave is not very difficult if you know what to look for and what factors to consider. There are many options to choose from: convection cooking, trim kit, stainless steel, countertop, and more.

To make your search for the best RV convection microwave easy, we will be providing you with a comprehensive buying guide of of 5 best RV microwaves available in the market.

In a rush to find the answers? Our comprehensive research and comparison has led to the choice of RecPro 1100 Watt RV Microwave as our top pick. This is one of the most energy-efficient, powerful, and capable compact RV microwave solutions you’ll find out there right now. It also has a sleek stainless steel finish to blend in with the rest of your appliances. Overall I am impressed with how well it works.



Old models of RVs are equipped with ineffective convection ovens which take a lot of time to heat up your food. Well, lucky for you now because you can easily replace your old and inefficient microwave easily with a new one so that you can easily and quickly reheat your food in your RV.

Just like other forms of technology, there are several much more efficient convection oven choices available in the market since last 20 years.

Top 5 Best RV Microwave

[displayproduct prepend_title=”1. ” asin=”B07RMZPJNS” p_1=”If you are looking for the best rv microwave, then RecPro RV Convection Microwave is the best option for you. This rv microwave convection oven offers you with 9 different express cook options that allow you to cook almost all of the basic dishes. ” p_2=”These express cook options include pizza, potatoes, roast chicken, dinner place, fresh vegetables, frozen vegetables, beverages, and popcorn. All you have to do is press the button for the cook option of the food you are putting in this microwave. ” p_3_headbig=”Features” p_3_head=”RV Microwave Oven Replacement” p_3=”The Black RecPro RV Convection Microwave is a direct replacment for the High Pointe RV Microwave” p_4_head=”Express Cook Options” p_4=”This rv microwave convection oven offers you with 9 different express cook options that allow you to cook almost all of the basic dishes. It is the perfect alternative to a standard RV Oven for quick dishes. These express cook options include pizza, potatoes, roast chicken, dinner place, fresh vegetables, frozen vegetables, beverages, and popcorn. ” p_5_head=”Push-Release Door Paddle” p_5=”The push-release door of this rv convection microwave allows you to open the microwave door by just a push.” p_6_head=”Warranty” p_6=”As far as the warranty for this product is concerned, this rv microwave is backed by a warranty of 2-years. ” p_6_ul=”10 levels of power|Instant start function|1.1 cu. ft. capacity” pros=”Interior is stainless|Quiet|User-friendly” cons=”Expensive|Difficult to install” comment=”🏅 Best RV Microwave Replacement”]

[displayproduct prepend_title=”2. ” asin=”B07RP2S3YX” p_1=”Another best rv microwave on our list is RecPro RV Microwave Convection Oven in Stainless Steel 1.1 cu. ft. The trim kit also comes in a sleek stainless steel to help your RV microwave blend in with the rest of your appliances. This microwave is equipped with functions that your home’s microwave offers you with eight express cooking options. ” p_2=”Not only doe it have features similar to that of your home microwave, but also it comes with some extra cooking features that allow you to cook some delicious and tasty foods in your RV. It offers you with a cooking area of 1.1 cubic feet to cook a variety of foods. ” p_3_headbig=”Features” p_3_head=”RV Microwave Replacement” p_3=”The Stainless Steeel RecPro RV Convection Microwave is a direct replacment for the High Pointe RV Microwave” p_4_head=”Express Cook Options ” p_4=”As compared to the previous one, this RV convection microwave comes with eight express cook options: frozen vegetables, fresh vegetables, pizza, popcorn, potato, beverage, soup, and dinner plate.” p_5_head=”Cooking Area” p_5=”This RV microwave convection oven offers you a cooking area of 1.1 cubic feet, allowing you to cook various foods.” p_6_head=”Additional Features” p_6=”Along with some features similar to your home microwave unit, it also provides you with extra functions like microwave, grill, roast, convection, and combinations.” p_6_ul=”Child lock setting|Touchpad controls|LED display” pros=”Easy to understand instructions|Easy to program|Excellent performance” cons=”None. It is the perfect RV microwave” comment=”🏆 Best RV Microwave Convection Oven”]

[displayproduct prepend_title=”3. ” asin=”B01E6T3GE2″ p_1=”The reason why it is on our list of the best RV microwaves is because of its size. Without the trim, this unit measures 12in x 19in x 14.625in, but with the trim, it measures 15in x 23.24in x 14.625in. The cutout size provided by this RV microwave is 12.5in x 20in x 15in. ” p_2=”The food options that can be cooked or reheated in this RV microwave are diverse. Whether it is a slice of pizza, popcorn, frozen dinner, or soup, you can reheat them quickly with this unit.” p_3_headbig=”Features” p_3_head=”Quick Cook Settings” p_3=”This unit is equipped with six quick-cook one-touch digital settings with the help of which you can quickly cook and reheat your food without entering the power level. ” p_4_head=”Glass Turntable” p_4=”This unit also features a built-in glass turntable that rotates the food so that it offers even cooking.” p_4_ul=”Features a cooling vent|Digital display|Child lock setting” pros=”Stainless steel construction|Wonderful performance” cons=”No quick 30-second button”]

[displayproduct prepend_title=”4. ” asin=”B0061H4I4A” p_1=”If you want an RV microwave that provides you with several power levels, then Advent MW912BWDK Black Built-in Microwave Oven with Wide Trim Kit PMWTRIM is an ideal choice. This RV convection microwave features ten power levels that make the cooking process easy for you. ” p_2=”Moreover, it features six pre-programmed settings that provide you with maximum convenience. The best thing in this RV microwave is that it features an easy to display that allows you to easily read the cooking settings or adjust cook times, timers, and clock. ” p_3_headbig=”Features” p_3_head=”Display” p_3=”This RV microwave features an easy to display that allows you to easily read the cooking settings or adjust cook times, timers, and clock.” p_4_head=”Pre-programmed settings” p_4=”This unit comes with six pre-programmed settings, with the help of which you can quickly cook a frozen pizza, frozen products, beverages, and popcorn.” p_4_ul=”One-touch electronic controls|Comes with a trim kit|Cooking power is 900 watts” pros=”Easy installation|Power levels are adjustable|Trim is wide” cons=”None to speak of”]

[displayproduct prepend_title=”5. ” asin=”B004G7N8W0″ p_1=”Last but not least, we have Magic Chef RV Microwave. It is a countertop model with Push-Button Door and sits in our list of best RV microwave ovens. This 1.1 cu. ft. RV microwave provides you with a power of 1000 watts that allows you to cook and prepare various foods quickly. ” p_2=”Moreover, this RV microwave comes with ten power levels and eight one-touch cooking programs. Also, this microwave allows you to defrost by time and defrost by weight. Lastly, it features an express cooking function and a memory function that minimizes the time for cooking.” p_3_headbig=”Features” p_3_head=”Express Cooking and Memory Function” p_3=”It features an express cooking function and a memory function that minimizes the time for cooking.” p_4_head=”Power” p_4=”This microwave provides you with 1000 watts that allow you to cook and prepare various foods quickly.” p_5_head=”Defrosting” p_5=”With this RV microwave convection wave, you can not only defrost by time, but also you can defrost by weight.” p_5_ul=”10 power levels|Child safety setting|Comes with an auto-cook menu” pros=”Easy to use|Does not takes much space” cons=”Cannot be programmed for less than 30 seconds”]

RV Microwave Buying Guide:

You can easily find the best RV Microwave by looking at the following things:

  • Does the microwave come with a trim kit?
  • Is the RV microwave replacement compatible for the standard High Pointe model?
  • Does the RV microwave come equipped with any express cook options?
  • Do you have children and need a microwave with a child protection safety lock setting?
  • Does it feature a cooling vent?

These are the things that help you in finding the best RV microwave to suite your needs.

For your safety: Make sure you’re using a quality EMS (surge protector) before installing a new microwave in your camper. Do this because it helps power all the appliances and devices you bring on-board your RV, including TVs , DVD players, microwaves, refrigerators, mobile devices.

The Verdict

 With this list of 5 best RV microwaves, your hunt for purchasing an RV microwave convection oven will become a lot easy. But before you buy the right one for yourself, we will recommend you to compare and contrast the pros and cons of all of the above-listed RV microwaves.

4 Additional Options for Cooking in Your RV Camper: Microwaves and Ovens

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Frequently Asked Questions

[qa qa_1=”1|What is the difference between a traditional microwave and a microwave convection oven? |RV convection ovens are quite different from traditional microwave ovens. Traditional microwaves heat your food by relying solely on heating the water molecules of your food and drink. But convection microwave ovens spread the heat with fans around your food so that you can have an evenly cooked food.” qa_2=”2|Should you use your rv microwave with a dedicated circuit for the microwave? |Absolutely! It is not safe to run your microwave with the same circuit. It is far better to have a separate one for safety and to prevent accidentally tripping off the breaker… or worse.” qa_3=”3|Are the trim kits provided with the ovens better or I should get a separate one? |You should stick to the one provided by the manufacturers. It will fit with your oven better.” qa_4=”4|What makes convection microwaves perfect for RVs? |Convection cooking in RVs is very convenient space saving. With convection microwaves, you get the speed of a microwave along with the versatility and efficiency of convection cooking. Most models allow you to use both cooking functions together or independently. That way you can roast, toast, brown, bake, broil and steam just like in your kitchen at home.” qa_5=”5|How does convection cooking work in small RV microwaves? |Convection cooking uses the combination of a fan and exhaust to circulate the hot air consistently throughout the oven. This is much different from traditional ovens. Traditional ovens only a single, static radiant heat source to warm the space .” qa_6=”6|Do convection appliances cook faster or slower? |Faster. Blowing heat directly onto food is more effective than just surrounding it. The best example we’ve heard of how convection cooking works is to think of it like wind chill: no matter how cold the day, if there’s a breeze you feel colder faster.” qa_7=”7|How do convection microwave ovens for RVs save power? |Food cooks faster and at lower temperatures when compared to conventional ovens, making it more energy efficient—always a good thing when it comes to RV travel.” qa_8=”8|Are the results better with convection cooking? |The results are generally better. The steady movement of heat over the surface of the food reacts quickly with the food’s chemicals and heats through more evenly. It also creates a less humid environment, which helps food brown and crisp better without burning or overheating the inside.”]

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