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A portable air conditioner (PAC) is a self-contained portable system ideal for cooling single rooms. Offices, server rooms, bedrooms, and garages are warmer than other areas of the houses because of the lack of proper air circulation and ventilation. We all need to eliminate heat and for that purpose a portable air conditioner is the quick and economical solution. The average unit can cool a 100-150 sq. Ft room.

In this in-depth buying guide, we explain what ventless portable air conditioners and how they work.


How do portable air conditioners work?

Portable air conditioners work basically the same way as built-in air conditioning : sucking in warm and humid air, cooling and dehumidifying it. Many models come with a dry mode — to dry out the air, so it doesn’t feel chilly and clammy.

There are two options to consider when buying a portable air conditioner: ventless and dual hose…often referred to as single exhaust hose or dual hose AC respectively.

Ventless portable air conditioner (explained)

Ventless. Portable Air Conditioner DiagramA ventless portable air conditioner is a compact air cooling system that features no exhaust horse and can be moved from place to place with ease. A ventless portable air conditioning unit uses a fan to draw air into its cooling chamber.

Water is collected from the air inside your room. And of course, that water has to go somewhere. In this case it is delivered straight to the tank within the A/C unit. Periodic draining will ensure that your portable air condition continues doing what it’s supposed to do.

One hose systems may take longer to heat or cool the area, but the tradeoff is a slightly lower energy bill overall.

Dual hose portable air conditioner (explained)

Dual Hose Portable Air Conditioner DiagramA dual hose portable air conditioner is an air conditioner that is operated using two hoses. A dual hose portable A/C takes in air from the outside via one hose, cools it, and pushes it out into the space. The warm air from the condenser needs to be removed from your room somehow. Your room is made cooler by removing heat and humidity from inside and discarding it outside. These best position for a dual hose portable air conditioner is by your nearest window. There are options for Venting Portable Air Conditioners Without a Window. You can vent it through a doorway or wall cutout.

Does It Matter If I Don’t Vent My Portable AC/Heater?

It matters a lot! The heat that is generated with these components must be vented to the outside. Otherwise the room will not cool. That is why portable air conditioners use an exhaust hose.

Product Research

We did intensive research and found many portable air conditioner units. These units are compact and can go anywhere you go. They also cut costs and maintain the optimal level of temperatures.

It’s worth mentioning the modified cooling and heating testing requirements revised a previous rating system and introduced a new rating. Combined Energy Efficiency Ratio (CEER) is the new rating system used in our reviews.

The units on the heftier side of the price range tend to demonstrate higher efficiency, and therefore operate more quietly than units that are cheaper. Most portable air conditioners range between 40 and 60 decibels. Each AC can be moved from one place to another to keep it cool and fresh.

Buying the best portable AC required some homework. But don’t worry at all. We did amazing work for you. Below are the best models for reliable portable AC that offer valuable work at any time.

In a rush to find the answers? Our comprehensive research and comparison has led to the choice of Black + Decker BPACT14WT Portable Air Conditioner as our top pick. It is true that the Black and Decker BPACT14WT Portable AC is one of the latest launched portable AC units on the market, also the most efficient one. It ranks highly on the modified cooling and heating testing requirements — Combined Energy Efficiency Ratio (CEER). Overall I am impressed with how well it works. Priced under $400, it is one of the best portable air conditioner units that offers great value for money.

Top 5 Best Portable Air Conditioner Units of 2021

[displayproduct generate_header_anchors=’yes’ prepend_title=’** 🏆 Best Portable AC Unit **’ asin=’B01DLPUWHQ’ p_1=”A Black and Decker portable air conditioner is one of the best performers because of its quiet and powerful operation. The BPACT14WT model from Black + Decker is no exception. The compact air conditioner will keep a room comfortable and cool all summer. It comes with an adjustable fan speed that cools the air. It works very quietly, even with the fan turned to the highest speed setting. Sleep mode of AC unit also makes it quiet and best performer. ” p_2=”The Black + Decker portable unit offers effective and steady cooling for all rooms. It is a perfect and small AC unit for cabins, officers, cabins, living rooms, and bedrooms. ” p_3_headbig=”Black and Decker Portable AC Features” p_3_head=”Instant cooling” p_3=”The portable AC unit offers an effective and steady cooling for rooms. It is the best AC unit for offices, bedrooms, campers, and living rooms. The 14,000 BTU provides efficient cooling for a medium sized rooom of 250 sq ft.” p_4_head=”Simple and quick installation ” p_4=’You can roll the Black and Decker portable air conditioner with wheels in any room with double-hung. Set up on a flat surface near an open window. Attach window adapter and hose, plug it in an outlet.’ p_5_head=”Easy to clean ” p_5=”The remote control + LED display with 24h timer allows controlling the air temperature. To simply clean the filter, clean it twice a month and then rinse under the running water. ” pros=”Portable AC|Cool and comfortable room |Wall-mounted AC unit |Keep the air cool and dry |Auto-control sleep mode|14000 BTU portable ac unit” cons=”None Noted” comment=”🏆 Best Portable Air Conditioner”]

[displayproduct generate_header_anchors=’yes’ prepend_title=” asin=’B077VD2RWM’ p_1=”If you are looking for a portable air conditioner 10000 BTU, then Frigidaire portable air conditioner with the remote control system is perfect for 450 square rooms. It is a compact design AC unit that fits most of the rooms. The four wheels of the AC unit enable you to move from one room to another. Most homeowners could place this in the dining room, and it cools off the entire 1st floor.” p_2=”The unit maintains the temperature of the room with the help of an on-broad thermostat. By using easy select options you can switch between four fan speeds as well as four operating modes for the best control. ” p_3_headbig=”Frigidaire Portable AC Features” p_3_head=”Maintain preset room temperature” p_3=”The AC unit maintains the room temperature so that you remain cool and comfortable at all times. ” p_4_head=”Three fan speeds” p_4=”The portable air conditioner features three different fans speed. The unit is always ready to offer cooling flexibility. ” p_5_head=”Reliable filter” p_5=”The Frigidaire FFPA1022U1 is an air conditioner that not only cools the air, but also helps to clean the air in the room. Frigidaire FFPA1022U1 Portable AC filters the harmful microscopic particles in the air. What’s even great about it is that it does this without consuming too much power. The filter of the air conditioner reduces odors, and bacteria from the room and gives a comfortable and healthier environment every time. ” p_6_head=”Remote control” p_6=”With remote control features, the AC unit allows control of the temperature of a room and fan speeds all across the room. ” pros=”The customizable time that fits with the schedule |Gives immediate comfort |Built-in timer|Amazing cooling power|It has Wheels|Reliable and optimal sound level|10000 BTU portable ac unit” cons=”Little bit pricey”]

[displayproduct generate_header_anchors=’yes’ prepend_title=” asin=’B085NYQ9ZC’ p_1=”If you are looking for a dual hose for efficient and fast cooling, then Honeywell Air portable conditioner is the best option. The unit features two exhaust hoses to perform dual tasks. One hose draws air to air in while the other expels the warm air outside. It reduces any chance of cool air to be exhausted out from the room. ” p_2=”The powerful and safe AC cools room of dimension 400 to 550 square feet. A washable filter is designed specially to protect the unit from dust and hair. It increases performance and product life. It is space-saving and is economical. It is light in weight and is easy to carry.” p_3_headbig=”Honeywell Portable AC Features” p_3_head=”Efficient and fast dual hose cooling” p_3=”The Honeywell dual series uses 2-separated exhaust hoses. Both reduce the chances of fresh and cool air to exhaust out of the room ” p_4_head=”Save time” p_4=”This portable AC unit is very easy to install so it saves heavy lifting and gives safe operation.” p_5_head=”Save energy” p_5=”Reduce the consumption of energy of house air conditioning by simply set the AC in rooms. Save energy and money also. ” pros=”Offer quiet operation|Comfortable air with minimal disruptions|Enjoy precise control of temperature|Easy to store|Easy to maintain|12000 BTU portable ac unit” cons=”Shorter hoses “]

[displayproduct generate_header_anchors=’yes’ prepend_title=” asin=’B084SY2D84′ p_1=”Delonghi portable air conditioner is a compact and portable unit that is designed especially to create optimal temperatures in living rooms, bedrooms, and offices. The smart AC unit can easily be operated by using a Smartphone. You can also switch on the unit and change the setting anywhere from the house. Most of the system consumer huge energy and causes more utility bill. This AC unit saves energy as it works on a timer system. Additionally, it is elegant in its design and has a compact structure” p_3_headbig=”Delonghi Portable AC Features” p_3_head=”Portable” p_3=”The DeLonghi portable air conditioner is a portable unit that has handles present on the top side of the unit as well as wheels. It can easily portable from one place to another. ” p_4_head=”Sensor touch panel” p_4=”The sensor touch panel of the unit makes it easy to operate. ” p_5_head=”Silent operation ” p_5=”The silent operation of the AC unit enables you to watch movies or drama without any interruption. Most portable air conditioners range between 40 and 60 decibels. The DeLonghi portable AC operates at a quiet 56 decibels – more like the sound a functioning desktop CPU makes. The quietness of a portable air conditioner is linked to its operational efficiency more than anything else. While there is no direct correlation of quiet ACs to cost savings, quiet ACs do tend to offer an enhanced cooling experience.” p_6_head=”Built-in Wi-Fi ” p_6=”The unit comes with built-in Wi-Fi that operates the machine remotely. It is ideal to use it at work. ” pros=”Easily portable AC unit |Built-in fan feature|24 h timer|Cover a wide area of space |7200DOE cooling capacity |Durable unit|Portable AC with Dehumidifier” cons=”Basic app |May show weirrd code of sensor error”]

[displayproduct generate_header_anchors=’yes’ prepend_title=” asin=’B00CHQKIZC’ p_1=”One of the latest launched portable AC units on the market, also the most efficient one is the ARC-110WD Wynter Portable Air Conditioner. The Whynter portable air conditioner is one of the best and small devices that are fit in any tightest crannies and nooks. It works similarly to the normal air conditioner. The advantage is the unit is small and can easily be moved from one location to another.

With 11,000 BTC cooling capacity, the AC unit can accommodate rooms having spaces 350 square feet. It offers the best efficient cooling relief and maximizes the cooling power in the area having more heat and humidity. The Wynter ARC-110WD is suitable for sitting right in front of it to get cool air to feel fresh ” p_2_headbig=”Whynter Portable AC Features” p_2_head=”Programmed setting” p_2=”The digital control panel of the AC unit displays customizable settings for the timer, four operational modes, and temperature. ” p_3_head=”Remote control unit” p_3=”You can also adjust the setting by using the remote control feature. It is easy to set and doesn’t require permanent installation. ” p_4_head=”Conserve energy and save costs” p_4=”The portable air conditioner runs in 11,000 BTU. It helps in saving overall costs and conserve energy without compromise quality performance and cooling power. ” p_5_head=”Portable unit ” p_5=”It has a compact and portable design that enables to save space in the room. It saves your room from scorching heat!!! The Wynter unit can cover 350ft of the area easily.” pros=”Easy to install|Offer better customer service|Great central air system |Cools the large rooms instantly |Controlled remotely |Easy to move|11000 BTU portable ac unit” cons=”The drain plug is not so well-designed”]


When you need to cool a single room, you can always switch on your air conditioner but the problem is that electricity bills are touching the sky. That’s where a portable AC unit can help. As an alternative, use a portable air conditioner to cool just your bedroom. And set your central air conditioner to a more energy efficient temperature. It’s a fact: Portable ACs provide greater flexibility than split ACs.

If you want a mobile tool, which provides you with constant cooling effects, then a portable air conditioner is right for you. I hope this article and various online sources helps you realize that a portable air conditioners worth it.

For information on heating a single room, check out our article about space heaters.

More Portable Air Conditioner Units to Consider

I have narrowed it down to the best portable ac units, but there are hundreds of options to choose from. Below are some additional options to explore.

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