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Best Monster Surge Protector B00PUE1XZC Wall Mount

[displayproduct prepend_title=”🏆 #1. ” asin=”B00PUE1XZC” p_1=”So you’re looking for a surge protector. A really good one. A MONSTER of a surge protector. Look no further than the Monster Surge Protector Fireproof 6 Outlet Wall Mount Gold 650 (featuring 1080 Joules of protection). I am going to provide you a comprehensive explaination of why this wall mounted surge protector is a must have to protect your valuable electronics.

Monster Surge Protector (B00PUE1XZC) provides multiple layers of defense against harmful surges and spikes with patented and exclusive Clean Power technology. Power surges from lightning start outside, where energy dissipates. You have two choices. Either energy dissipates harmlessly outside the building. Or that energy is inside and hunting for earth destructively via appliances. In a power surge, excess energy is absorbed by a component called an MOV (Metal Oxide Varistor). And it protects from a surge of up to 1080 joules. Because of this Fireproof MOV Technology, Monster claims it’s fireproof because a surge won’t melt the unit.

Two USB ports come in handy. A very nice Feature. Regular port plugs come in different sizes. And take up extra space on the strip. The plug is right angled but doesn’t look like one that can twist around. Seems to be a fixed downward plug.” p_2_headbig=”Flickering lights may be an indication of power surges…” p_2_head=”Voltage Spikes” p_2=”Flickering lights, tripped circuits, and prolonged overheating of the electronic equipment in your house are an indication that your house was a victim to the power surge. A power surge is basically a sudden but brief increase in the voltage. The voltage increase lasts for maximum 3 nanoseconds, above the normal 120 volts running through your house. ” p_3_head=”Faulty Wiring and Electrical Fires” p_3=”This can occur due to improper wiring, overtaxed power grid, wind or rain, thunderstorm. And the voltage spikes can definitely occur when you switch on high-voltage electronics, like your air conditioner system. These abrupt power surges can not only damage your electric equipment but can also lead to electrical fires. But fortunately to protect your home from electrical fires or to keep your electric equipment safe many brands have introduced power surge protectors and one power surge protector we will be talking about is this monster surge protector.” p_4_headbig=”How Monster Power surge protectors can save your electronic devices…” p_4_head=”Monster Surge Protector’s Fireproof Technology” p_4=”It is not a widely recognized fact that surge protectors are actually responsible for causing electrical fires. This is because the excess energy is eliminated from the power surge as heat which results in sparks and fire. But monster surge protector uses a Fireproof technology surrounded by Metal Oxide Varistor (MOV). ” p_5_head=”Surge Protected Outlets and USB Ports” p_5=”MOVs absorb all of the excess energy with the help of a ceramic casing and minimizes or eliminates the risk of electrical fire that may result due to a surge protector. This monster surge protector features 6 AC outlets that you can use to connect your AV equipment or computers. It also feature two USB 3.4A ports that provide very fast charging for iPhones, iPads, Androids, or other devices. ” p_6_head=”Noise Protection” p_6=”The power of your home is surely subject to interference. But with the monetary power filter technology, that comprises of EMI/RFI filters, of monster surge protector your electric devices will perform at their best. The Monster Power surge protects the electronic devices in your home such as home circuits, home theater systems, computers, game system etc. The monster surge protector ensures that electronic devices are protected from storms. Only the monster surge protector has Fireproof MOVTM technology that can protect not only your electronic devices but also your home from potential fires. The screen protector has 6 dual USB charging plugs that can charge your smartphones or tablets. A wired cable connection prevents the antenna or cable from rising. An Ethernet cable prevents damage to your network devices.” p_7_head=”Additional Features” p_7_ul=”6 AC outlets|2 3.4AMP USB connection|1080 protective joules|Power filtering improves audio and video performance|Wall mounting|Monster Dual Mode |Coaxial protection of antenna cables” pros=”Reasonably priced|Fireproof MOVTM technology|Well-constructed|Heavy-duty” cons=”No drawbacks” comment=”🏆 Best Monster Surge Protector”]


If you are looking for an adequately priced power surge protector, that is reliable and not heavy on the pocket, then the monster surge protector is the best product for you! It not only protects your electronic devices from potential fires but, also comes with an equipment warranty to replace damaged products. After reading all the features and pros of this particular product, you will surely agree to this surge protector being the best in the market.

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