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[qa qa=’RV Low Voltage Protection|Do regular surge protectors protect from low voltage in RVs?|Low voltage can be just as bad as a surge and regular surge protectors do not protect you in these events. That is one reason why it is important for RV owners to invest in a good RV Surge Protector!’]


Nobody ever expects their RV to catch fire due to an electrical surge, but accidents do happen. An RV surge protector (also known as an Electrical Management System or EMS) is your best insurance against the unexpected.

In this article, I’ll explain how an RV surge protector regulates the electrical current coming out of an outlet when connecting to the shore power hookup at your favorite campground. You will also find comprehensive reviews and recommendations for the best RV surge protectors, for both 30-amp and 50-amp RVs.

In a rush to find the answers? Our comprehensive research and comparison has led to the choice of Progressive Industries SSP-30XL (30 amp) and Progressive Industries SSP-50XL EMS (50 amp) as our top picks. Both perform flawlessly to monitor and mediate the electrical current coming from an outlet, acting as a buffer between that outlet and your RV.

You can trust these two RV surge protectors to offer assistance each time you plug your vehicle to an unfamiliar or unknown source of power. Overall I am impressed with how well these work. Priced under $110 and offering 825-1650 joules protection, both RV surge protectors are a great value.

First of all, the safest RV surge protector is a high-quality one from a respectable brand that works. Hughes, Progressive Industries, and Surge Guard produce the highest quality UL-certified surge protectors for RVs. And when it comes protecting your RV (and the appliances/devices plugged inside) from harmful power fluctuations, you will want to invest in a quality product.

The intent is to provide an easy to read, but comprehensive guide for you and the RV community at large. I really want you to avoid all of the mistakes I’ve made in the past. I hope you find this valuable.

If you’ve ever connected your RV to a power source in an RV park then you know there is a chance that the electrical system of your recreational vehicle may get damaged from those unfamiliar power outlets. The most effective way to keep the RV electrical system of your camper safe is to purchase a quality surge protector.


An RV surge protector is specifically designed to keep your electrical system safe from the problems due to malfunctioning power outlets at RV parks. Dangerously low voltage or a dangerous increase in the voltage caused by a lightning strike may damage your RV. And getting your RV repaired can be extremely expensive. Therefore, it is very important to have the best surge protector for your RV. Below, I have outlined and reviewed the best surge protectors for RV, separated by 30amp and 50amp.

Identify Compatible Plug: Before you get started, we thought it would be a good idea to show you the RV Surge Protectors we’ll be reviewing in the blog post. As you are likely an avid camper, you probably already know that surge protectors for RVs come in 2 specifications: 30Amp and 50Amp.

Compare and Contrast the 30 amp RV plug and the 50 amp RV plug

RV Plug Shape Differences

The first thing you’ll notice is that the layout of the 30 amp RV plug is designed differently from the 50 amp RV plug.

There are 3 prongs on the 30 amp RV plug and it only includes one hot 120volt wire. On the other hand, the 50 amp RV plug supplies 120 volts to two separate hot wires.

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[qa qa=’Wattage difference between a 30 amp RV and a 50 amp RV|
What is the wattage difference between 30 amp RVs and 50 amp RVs?|
There is a huge difference in power output between 30 amp RVs and 50 amp RVs. And that difference is about 8,400 watts. 30 amp RVs max out at 3,600 watts. But 50 amp RVs can support power output up to 12,000 watts. To put it in perspective, an RV microwave oven alone can consume 1,000 watts when in use.’]

Choosing between a 30 and 50 really comes down to aligning your choice with your lifestyle. Will you be roughing it in harmony with nature or glamping with all the electronic convenience of modern day life?

Now, whether you’re rolling with a 30 amp plug or a 50 amp plug, let’s explore some RV surge protector options to keep your RV’s electrical supply out of harm’s way.

30AMP – We will be reviewing 7 of the best 30Amp RV Surge Protectors

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50AMP – We will be reviewing 6 of the best 50Amp RV Surge Protectors

[productstable caption=”50Amp RV Surge Protector Product Data Comparison Chart” asins=”B015G2OAWK,B015Y9A4HU,B01N9MOY7B,B0050EH0FE,B003AN1UA8,B0791VGVZ1″ includefields=”type,joules,attributes” includerichresults=’no’]

2020 has proved to be a challenging year! In times like these it’s convenient to have an RV with all the facilities to keep you entertained and hit the road for long. While this sounds exciting you have to be a little careful in certain things. An RV can have electronic appliances that you would want in your house but there’s an add-on here. You require an RV surge protector to keep your electronics safe and working. 

[qa qa=”Connecting RV Surge Protector to shore power|What is the best way to connect an RV to shore power?|It is essential that you always ensure the power is off on the pedestal and the main breaker is off in the trailer before connecting or disconnecting shore power. Then turn the pedestal on and check the status on the RV Surge Protector. Then if all is well turn on the main breaker in the trailer. Not saying it is the only way to do things, but is by far the preferred safest way.”]

Right now, you may be thinking of alternative ways to safeguard your electronic appliances but there’s nothing better than a surge protector for RV. When you’re connected with the modern world it’s easy to forget about these things but it’s a must.

Let’s say your RV gets hit by lightning or perhaps your appliances overload. And from a more practical standpoint, the shore power at campgrounds is often unstable and can pass electrical surges to your RV. This can sometimes be avoided by investing in a good propane portable generator. But this is where an RV surge protector will definitely give you peace of mind and save you from a massive problem. 

Hence, we’ve brought forward an article that protects you from searches of endless hours. We bring you the best RV surge protectors available in the market. Read the article till the end to find out almost everything there is to know about RV surge protectors.

Top 6 Best 30 Amp RV Surge Protectors

A 30 amp plug at a campground or at home that is 120 volts can handle up to 3600 watts (30*120). The 30 amp outlet used in an RV application is designated a NEMA TT-30R and the plug is a TT-30P. If a 30-Amp surge protector is sufficient to cater your needs, here are some options:

[displayproduct prepend_title=”1. ” asin=”B00JYMZ8HK” p_1=”If you are looking for a high-end 30 Amp RV surge protector, then Southwire Surge Guard 44260 Entry Level Portable Surge Protector is the best one. It is capable of suppressing energy of up to 2100 joules. Moreover, this surge protector for RV also features a maximum spike of up to 2100 joules. The features of this surge protector for RV make it the best 30 Amp RV surge protector in the market.” p_2_headbig=”Features” p_2_head=”Weather-Resistant” p_2=”Well, the key thing every buyer looks for in an RV surge protector is that it should be weather-resistant and that is what makes Southwire Surge Guard 44260 Entry Level Portable Surge Protector, the best one in the market. It is made up of a durable material that makes it resistant to any weather. So you can safely use this surge protector in any weather condition. ” p_3_head=”Indicator Lights” p_3=”Another amazing feature in Sure Guard 4462 RV surge protector is that it has indicator lights. It is amongst those few surge protectors that feature indicator. Although its indicator lights are not as bright as its competitors still they have enough brightness to show you that everything is working accordingly. ” p_4_head=”Versatile” p_4=”The thing that makes this surge protector the best amongst all is that it is versatile. This surge protector can not only be used in RV, but you can use it in your house as well.” p_4_ul=”Features a maximum spike of up to 2100 joules|Comes with indicator lights|Analyzes the circuits for verifying the pedestal power” pros=”Can be used in any weather|Extremely portable” cons=”Indicator lights are somewhat dull”]

[displayproduct prepend_title=”2. ” asin=”B0791RW8M2″ p_1=”Hughes Autoformer BX4370 Power Watch Dog 30 AMP is the second-best RV surge protector. It is a powerhouse that comes with a lot of amazing features like emergency shutdown, Bluetooth connectivity, etc. This 30 AMP surge protector for RV is capable of providing you with surge protection of about 2400 joules. ” p_2_headbig=”Features” p_2_head=”Bluetooth Technology” p_2=”Hughes Autoformer BX4370 WatchDog can be connected to your phone via Bluetooth using a free app. The app will automatically connect your phone to the RV surge protector when you go near it. This app will always notify you if there is some problem. Moreover, it also provides you information about how many watts you are using, how many watts you have used, and amperage and voltage reading. ” p_3_head=”Automatic Shutdown” p_3=”Moreover, this unit automatically shuts off if the voltage either drops below the mark of 104V or goes above the mark of 132V. After stabilizing the power conditions for around 90 seconds, it turns on automatically.” p_4_head=”Large Bulldog Light Indicator” p_4=”Instead of small indicator lights, this surge protector for RV features the face of a large bulldog. So if the power is good then the face of the bulldog turns green and if the power is not good then the face of the bulldog turns red. ” p_4_ul=”Comes with easy to grip handles|Features a large bulldog face light indicator|Has an emergency shutdown feature” pros=”User-friendly surge protector|Easy to install” cons=”Connecting the phone app to the protector is difficult as it gets disconnected again and again”]

[displayproduct prepend_title=”3. ” asin=”B002UC6RSA” p_1=”Progressive Industries HW30C 30 Amp Hardwired Surge Protector is the best choice amongst the electrical management systems. This has similar features like the 30Amp EMS-TX30 surge protector, but the only difference between them is that this surge protector is embedded in your RV.” p_2_headbig=”Features” p_2_head=”Limited Warranty” p_2=”Progressive Industries EMS-HW30C RV surge protector is backed by a lifetime limited warranty. This assures you that the product of Progressive Industries which you are taking with you is a reliable and durable one. Even if there are any problems with the product then you can easily return it or have it repaired without paying any extra charges.” p_3_head=”Electrical Management System” p_3=”The Progress EMS HW30C electrical management system is responsible for detecting open ground, open neutral, and reverse polarity. Moreover, this electrical management system also shows pedestal miswiring and surge failure.” p_4_head=”Lighted Front” p_4=”Progressive Industries Surge Protector (EMS-HW30C) comes with a lighted front. This lighted front helps you see the status with a clear, readable, and understandable manner. This provides you with the assurance that you can do proper wiring.” p_4_ul=”Offers 3-Mode surge protection|UL certified|Features miswired pedestal indication and surge failure indicator” pros=”|Capable of saving previous error codes|Has a clear and readable lighted front” cons=”|Has a very tight connection|GFI circuit sometimes trips”]

[displayproduct prepend_title=”4. ” asin=”B004A32CGI” p_1=”Hardwired EMS-LCHW30 30Amp RV surge protector from Progressive Industries is also considered to be the best surge protector for RV. It has a unique and compact design. This high-end RV surge protector from Progressive Industries comes with multiple features which include high/Low Voltage Protection, Time Delay for A/C Compressor, 3-Mode Surge Protection, Surge Indicator, Open Neutral Protection, Open Ground Protection, C-Frequency Protection, Accidental 240V Protection, and Reverse Polarity Protection. ” p_1_headbig=”Features” p_1_head=”Time Delay for A/C Compressor” p_1=”If a power source is interrupted by EMS or the source because of any fault, then the time-delay feature of this surge protector starts automatically. It comprises of settings on EMS, one is 15-seconds and the other is 136-seconds. Here you will have to view the manual of your air conditioner. If your air conditioner has a built-in time delay, then you should use the 15-seconds options otherwise use the 136-seconds option. ” p_2_head=”3-Mode Surge Protection” p_2=”This feature offers full surge protection L-N, L-G, and N-G. This surge protector has a Joule rating of 1820 and a response time of <1 nano-seconds.” p_3_head=”Automatic Shutdown” p_3=”If the power drops down below 104V or rises above the mark of 132V then an EMS automatically shuts-off. Once the power goes above 104V or drops below 132V then the delay indicator flashes and the power is automatically restored. ” p_3_ul=”|Offers C-Frequency protection|Features 3-Mode surge protection|Features Accidental 240V protection” pros=”Easy to install|Quality build” cons=”The GFI circuit trips occasionally |Produce a loud buzzing sound”]

[displayproduct prepend_title=”5. ” asin=”B015G2YYN0″ p_1=”Manufactured by a reliable brand, Progressive Industries, this surge protector for RV is the best one available in the market. This surge protector several positive reviews from the customers and the best thing about this surge protector is that it is extremely to use.” p_2_headbig=”Features” p_2_head=”Quick Installation” p_2=”The installation process of the SSP30X surge protector for RV is extremely quick and easy. You can get it started and running within a matter of seconds because it does not feature no-nonsense installation. p_3_head=”Thermal Protection” p_3=”The thermal protection enhances the surge failure protector. This thermal protection may come in handy if there is any power surge.” p_4_head=”Polarity Tester” p_4=”This RV surge protector also comes with a polarity tester. This may come in handy if you want to check the status of the power source.” p_4_ul=”Features a polarity tester|Consists of bright and colored LED lights|Is equipped with thermal protection” pros=”Portable|Has a compact and sleek design” cons=”There is no reverse polarity|Does not comes with an LCD”]

[displayproduct prepend_title=”6. 🏆 Best ” asin=”B015Y9MX38″ p_1=”If you have used SSP30X but want a more upgraded surge protector for your RV then SSP-30XL is the best option for you. Like SSP-30X, Progressive Industries SSP-30XL surge protector for RV is also weather-resistant. Moreover, it is also features LED indicators that may warn you about the wiring errors in your RV.” p_2_headbig=”Features” p_2_head=”Pull Handle and Secured Locking” p_2=”SSP-30XL is equipped with a sturdy pull handle and a secured locking bracket. These features complement the robust handling of this surge protector for RV and also they allow you to move this RV surge protector from one place to another very easily” p_3_head=”Hardwired Protection” p_3=”This is a hardwired surge protector that provides maximum protection against the highest level of electrical and surge protection. The surge protector is hardwired between the AC inlet of your vehicle and the electrical for providing maximum protection to all the AC devices.” p_4_head=”Separate Surge Module and Pedestal Tester” p_4=”This RV surge protector comes with a kit that consists of 2 parts, a power pedestal tester, and surge module. With the help of a pedestal tester, you can test the quality of the power before you connect it to your RV. While you can leave the surge module left connected to the cord set without any worries. The surge module plays a key role in protecting the entire electrical system of your vehicle.” p_4_ul=”Features a pull handle and secured locking|Has hardwired protection|Comes with a kit including surge module and a pedestal tester” pros=”Light in weight|Installation is very easy” cons=”Does not has an LED display|Not capable of monitoring dangerously high and low voltages” comment=”🏆 Best 30 Amp RV Surge Protector”]

Top 6 Best 50Amp RV Surge Protectors

50 amp RVs can support power output up to 12,000 watts. Large RVs, travel trailers, and fifth wheels usually have a 50A plug. If a 50-Amp surge protector is sufficient to cater your needs, here are some options:

[displayproduct prepend_title=”1. ” asin=”B015G2OAWK” p_1=”Progressive Industries SSP-50X Portable 50 Amp RV Smart Surge Protector is considered to be the best one in the category of 50Amps Surge Protector. This RV surge protector offers 5 modes of protection and is equipped with a built-in surge status indicator that shows assures you that your surge protector is working properly.” p_2_headbig=”Features” p_2_head=”Built-in Surge Indicator” p_2=”Unlike other surge protectors for rv, this RV surge protector from Progressive industries is equipped with a built-in surge protector that keeps a check on the condition of the surge protector.” p_3_head=”Built-in Polarity Tester” p_3=”Progressive Industries SSP-50X Portable 50 Amp RV Smart Surge Protector also comes with a polarity tester. This polarity helps you check the status of the power source before using it. ” p_4_head=”Surge Module and Pedestal Tester” p_4=”This surge also comes with a kit that includes a surge module ad pedestal tester. The surge module acts as a shield for your RV’s electrical system. While the pedestal tester helps you check the quality of the power.” p_4_ul=”Features 3 bright LED indicators|Backed by a lifetime warranty|Offers open ground, open neutral and reverse polarity detection” pros=”Portable|Sleek and compact” cons=”Hangs outside the pedestal box”]

[displayproduct prepend_title=”2. 🏆 Best ” asin=”B015Y9A4HU” p_0=”If you are looking for a powerful and quality 50Amp RV surge protector then Progressive Industries SSP-50XL is an ideal choice. This is the most reliable 50Amp surge protector available in the market. Its reliability is visible by its overall build.” p_1_headbig=”Features” p_1_head=”Sturdy Pull Handle” p_1=”This unit is equipped with a sturdy pull handle. This pull handle allows you to easily plug this unit to any power source in your RV.” p_2_head=”LED Indicators” p_2=”Its bright LED indicators are also a reason why this is considered to be the best 50Amp RV surge, protector. These LED indicators keep you informed about the status of your RV’s electrical system.” p_3_head=”Cover” p_3=”Progressive Industries SSP-50XL Surge Protector features a protective cover. This protective cover makes it resistant to all outside weather conditions like humidity, heat, rainwater, and more.” p_3_ul=”Has a surge failure indicator|Features a locking bracket|Backed by a lifetime warranty” pros=”Affordable|Durable build” cons=”A bit larger than other RV surge protectors” comment=”🏆 Best 50 Amp RV Surge Protector”]

[displayproduct prepend_title=”3. ” asin=”B01N9MOY7B” p_1=”Progressive Industries EMS-PT50X is an ideal solution for you if you are looking for an RV surge protector with a rating of 50Amp. This unit has everything which you need in an RV surge protector. It is manufactured by a renowned brand and its lifetime warranty is a guarantee that it will perform well.” p_2_bighead=”Features” p_2_head=”Integrated LED Display” p_2=”Progressive Industries EMS-PT50X is equipped with an integrated LED display. This LED display is understandable and informs you about the wiring issues, power spikes, reverse polarity, and other electrical problems so that you can address these issues effectively” p_3_head=”Surge Failure Indicator and Time Delay Standing” p_3=”This unit consists of a surge failure indicator and time delay standing. The surge failure indicator makes this unit user-friendly while the time delay standing works at around 136-seconds and boasts the unit.” p_4_head=”Hardwire Protection” p_4=”This unit is a hardwired RV surge protector which means that it provides maximum surge and electrical protection. This unit can be hardwired between the AC inlet of the RV and the electrical panel of the RV. In this way, all of your electrical devices in RV will be safe from surges.” p_4_ul=”5-mode surge protection|Backed by a lifetime warranty|Rugged pull handle” pros=”Weather-resistant|Lightweight” cons=”Can be stolen very easily as it is easy to remove”]

[displayproduct prepend_title=”4. ” asin=”B0050EH0FE” p_1=”Progressive Industries EMS-MCHW50 is amongst our best picks. This is a user-friendly RV surge protector which means that even a beginner can use this surge protector for rv. Moreover, it is a hardwired RV surge protector. Therefore you must fix it inside the RV. The best thing about this surge protector for rv is that it is not susceptible to weather changes.” p_2_headbig=”Features” p_2_head=”Digital Display” p_2=”The unit is equipped with a digital display which displays all the information related to the power source such as current, error codes and voltage” p_3_head=”Multi-Mode Protection” p_3=”Progressive Industries EMS-LCHW50 offers multi-mode protection to keep appliances in your RV safe from safe. It protects your RV’s appliances from high and low frequencies, high and low voltage, open ground, and reverse polarity. ” p_4_head=”Hardwired Protection” p_4=”This is a hardwired surge protector which means that it will protect your RV’s appliances from large power spikes. Therefore you will have to install it inside your RV. Since it is installed inside the RV, it makes this unit susceptible to weather changes.” p_4_ul=”Surge failure indicator|Miswired pedestal indication|UL certified” pros=”Can withstand large spikes” cons=”Susceptible to weather changes”]

[displayproduct prepend_title=”5. ” asin=”B003AN1UA8″ p_1=”HW50C is the best but an expensive surge protector. This surge protector from Progressive Industries is a simple plug and play device which is extremely easy to use. It is specifically designed for RV lovers who need a user-friendly surge protector.” p_2_headbig=”Features” p_2_head=”Remote Display” p_2=”This surge protector for rv is equipped with a remote display. This remote display notifies you of all the potential issues in the electrical system.” p_3_head=”Error Codes” p_3=”HW50C features error codes in its case. These error codes provide you information about how can you return things to normal.” p_4_head=”Time Delay Function” p_4=”The time delay function of this surge protector is just amazing. If there is an accidental surge of 240V, then this time delay function will not let it damage your electrical appliances.” p_4_ul=”Features a surge failure indicator|Is equipped with a remote display|UL certified” pros=”User-friendly|The LED display is easily understandable” cons=”None noted”]

[displayproduct prepend_title=”6. ” asin=”B0791VGVZ1″ p_1=”Hughes Autoformer Power Watch Dog 50Amp RV surge protector is a well-built and durable unit. This unit is IP65 rated which means it is resistant to water and also this unit is dust-tight. This unit is made from pure copper 10-gauge wire, plugs, and blades.” p_2=”It also features plug handles and a tab for locking cable ” p_3_headbig=”Features” p_3_head=”Large Bulldog Face” p_3=”On the front of this surge protector for rv, there is a large bulldog face. This bulldog face changes color if something is wrong with the power. If the power is good then the bulldog face lights up white, but if the power is not good then it lights up red.” p_4_head=”Automatic Shut-off” p_4=”The cheap surge protectors available in the market will only inform you about the problem and will not do anything. But this is not the case with PWD50. If the voltage suddenly drops below 104V or goes above 132V then it automatically shuts off. After the power becomes stable for at least 90 seconds, this unit automatically turns on.” p_5_head=”Bluetooth ” p_5=”PWD50 surge protector for rv allows you to connect your smartphone to the unit via Bluetooth using a free app available on the iOS store and the Android store. This app alerts you if there is something wrong with the unit or power. ” p_5_ul=”Has easy to grip handles|Automatic shutoff function|Equipped with Bluetooth technology” pros=”Portable|Dust-tight and water-resistant” cons=”Only water-resistant not waterproof|Bluetooth offers a very limited range”]

Buying Guide:

In search of the perfect surge protector for your valuable RV and electronic appliances it’s important to know what the market has in store for you. If you set out with no knowledge then you will be met by several types of sellers who may confuse you further. 

Therefore, it’s necessary to read the buying guide that we have prepared for you. This buying guide will enable you to pick the right RV surge protector without facing hassles or troubles. 

[qa qa=”Locking an RV Surge Protector from theft.|How do I protect my RV Surge Protector from theft?|Most RV Surge Protectors are designed with security in mind. They come with locking apparatuses that make them pretty easy to secure from theft. The locking controls vary from product to product, but they are all sufficient.”]

UL Listed:

Surge Protectors that are UL Listed have more reliability because they are certified to be safe and secure. As a customer, safety is your priority whether it comes to your appliances or you. Surge protectors that are UL Listed will work without a doubt and they will safeguard your appliances from power surges. Look out for the ones that are UL Listed to mark one worry off of your list.

Note: All of the products reviewed on this page are UL Listed.


A device that takes many hours of struggle is definitely not worth it. You require an RV Surge Protector that’s easy to hook up and put to use. Plus, products that come with instructions (manual) are easy to install since they guide you through the whole process with ease.

Standard RV surge protectors are basically “plug and play”.

You can choose to hardwire your RV Surge Protector installation. This is an example photo of a final installation.


You can expect to pay between $90 to $300 when purchasing a surge protector for your recreational vehicle. While price is one of the main factors when choosing a surge protector, you should really focus your efforts on selecting one that meets your specific needs. Don’t let price be your only driver. Below are some common considerations:

  • Is your camper 30 amp or 50 amp compatible?
  • Do you want to control your surge protector remotely?
  • Do you prefer analog or a fancy led digital display?
  • Can you handle installing a hardwired surge protector or do you prefer a standard plug in model?


Especially during these times, it is important to hang out in the woods and to be one with nature. Traveling in an RV provides all the modern conveniences of home–but on a far smaller scale.

Always remember to protect your electronic appliances from unreliable shore power supplies by using an RV surge protector. It is a small investment that could save you a ton of headaches in the long run. Take my word for it….its worth it!

We hope that this article assists you in finding the right surge protector for your RV. 

And remember, don’t get caught out there without an RV extension cord

At some point, you will face a situation where you are going to need an RV extension cord. At many RV parks, the shore power is located on the opposite side of the camper or simply too far away. And these camper extension cords can be a real life saver in times like these.

[productthumbs meta=”RV-30-Amp-Extension-Cord-50-Amp” includelinks=”no” asins=”B000BUU5YU,B085HLWSTL,B0024ECIP0,B085HKKJQG”]

Frequently Asked Questions

[qa qa_1=”1|Can I hook up a 50Amp surge protector to a 30Amp power pedestal using a 50Amp/30Amp adapter plug?|Sure you can. But be aware that your 50Amp RVs will only be supplied with the 30Amps of power provided by the pedestal. So remember not to overdo it with the number of appliances being operated within your camper. You could cause the circuit breakers on the pedestal to trip. You will be protected, but still limited on the available power-to 30Amps.” qa_2=”2|If I use a 30Amp/50Amp adapter, is it ok to connect a 30Amp surge protector to a 240V/50Amp power pedestal?|Heck no! I would not recommend that at all. Best case: You run the risk of throwing your circuit breakers in your RV. Worst Case: You could fry your RV electrical system.” qa_3=’3|How can I resolve low voltage shore power issues to prevent damage?|Instead of an RV surge protector you could opt for a voltage booster. Voltage boosters provide automatic detection of low voltage and gives your RV up to 10% voltage boost. The voltage booster’s main goal is to increase the voltage in low voltage situations (102V). Hughes Autoformers RV2130-SP Voltage Booster (with Surge Protection) is an excellent option.’ qa_4=”4|What is the lifespan of RV surge protectors?|These things are durable. They pretty much last forever. Unless your surge protector experiences lightning damage, you can count on it working forever.” qa_5=”5|Where should I install my hardwired EMS surge protector…before or after the transfer switch?|Always install a hardwired EMS surge protector in front of the transfer switch. The reverse will not protect your transfer switch and leave it vulnerable to power issues.” qa_6=’6|How many joules of protection should I look for in a surge protector?|Simple – you want a surge protector with a minimum of 1,000 joules. If you are powering high wattage appliances (like microwaves) you will want to go with 2000 joules.’]

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