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Frequent unexpected power trip could cause negative effects and damage to your home computer’s internal hardware components. Now, you may wonder why you might need a UPS battery backup surge protector. Imagine this scenario:

James was in the middle of typing an important document for work, and his computer turns off without warning! In a flash, he lost all of his important work and was forced to start over again from scratch. A sudden power surge interrupted the flow of electricity to his home. What a disaster! But this could have been a very avoidable nightmare with the help of a UPS surge protector.

To avoid data loss, you’ll want a battery backup, also known as an uninterruptible power supply (or UPS). It is the one way to mitigate such a loss. Consider a UPS a battery backup that protects your mission-critical technology.

Be better than James. James could have safeguarded his precious unsaved data and time had he invest in a battery backup surge protector – also known as an uninterruptible power supply (UPS). And so can you!

Want to know more about how uninterruptible power supplies can protect your business or home office? In this article, I am going to walk you through finding the very best UPS (uninterruptible power supply) battery backup products to protect your computer and other electronics from unexpected power surges and outages.

[qa qa=’Surge Protectors and UPS Battery Backups|What is the difference between a Surge Protector and UPS?|Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) provide emergency power to devices when the main power input source fails. Surge Protectors prevent damage to devices when a sudden spike of electricity gets passed through the input line. Battery Backup UPS Surge Protectors provide the best of both worlds 😃 ‘]

[qa qa=”APC Smart UPS 1500 free Cloud Monitor|What is the best UPS Surge Protector with cloud monitoring features?|In addition to superb battery backup surge protection, the APC Smart UPS 1500 includes a free cloud monitoring service. This service provides you insights and suggestions to optimize the performance of your APC Smart UPS 1500. “]

UPS Battery Backup Surge Protector

Power is often not predictable. But if you want that your electronic devices (like computers) to remain safe during the power surges and power blackout, then it is necessary that you must have an UPS battery backup for your home.

So, what is an Uninterruptible Power Supply? A UPS (uninterruptible power supply) battery backup is a power source that provides emergency power to an electronic. An Uninterruptible Power Supply is a device that is used to keep computers and equipment safe when there is a loss, or a significant reduction, in the primary power source. The four main functional components of a UPS system are batteries, inverter, rectifier, and static bypass switch.

Although you may not feel that it is important, you should know that a powerful power surge may harm and damage some or even all of the electronic devices in your home or office. Essentially a UPS is a battery which is capable of providing short term clean power to connected equipment while your main power source is unavailable.

A disturbance to power delivery of only a few milliseconds can disrupt thousands of basic operations, potentially leading to malfunctions

In this article we will provide comprehensive reviews of the top 6 battery backup surge protectors on the market.

Looking for quick answers? Our comprehensive research and comparison has led to the choice of APC Smart UPS 1500 as our top pick. Overall I am impressed with how well it works. The best part of this UPS, however, is the fact that it’s a pure sine wave power supply. This makes the transition from the power grid to the battery much smoother and more reliable. The robust internal batteries provide uninterrupted power.


Top 7 Best UPS Battery Backup Surge Protectors

Comparison Table of Best UPS Surge Protectors

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[qa qa=”Costs of battery backup surge protectors|How much is a battery backup surge protector?|Prices for a battery backup surge protector vary. You can expect to pay between $80 and $200 for a common home/office ups surge protector.”]

[displayproduct prepend_title=”1. ** 🏆 Best UPS ** ” asin=”B0762QJ6Y1″ p_1=”For the best UPS, look no further. The APC Smart-UPS SMT1500C Battery Backup Power unit is considered to be the most affordable sine-wave UPS of the Smart-UPS family. As a pure sine wave power supply, this UPS battery backup makes the transition from the power grid to the battery much smoother and more reliable. ” p_2_headbig=”Feature” p_2_head=”Suitable for Small Businesses” p_2=”This APC Smart UPS 1500 is the most affordable option and is suitable for small and medium businesses who want to protect their entry-level servers and other items like networking devices. This APC Smart UPS 1500 is backed by a $150,000 lifetime connected equipment protection plan which means that APC will replace your battery backup and properly connected equipment damaged because of a power surge or outage.” p_3_head=”Automatic Voltage Regulation” p_3=”This UPS battery backup unit provides you with backup power so that you can work easily during medium power outages and also your equipment stays safe during power surges. APC Smart UPS 1500 is equipped with an automatic voltage regulation feature that brings high and low voltages to a safe level o that your equipment is safe from brownouts and overvoltages.” p_4_head=”Eco Friendly” p_4=”And the best thing about this APC Smart UPS 1500 is that it has green features like power-saving outlets. These power-saving outlets turn-off automatically making this APC Smart UPS 1500 super-efficient. So in short if you want to protect the productivity from the danger of power outages and surges. ” p_4_ul=”Equipped with 8 battery backup and surge protector outlets|Offers intelligent battery management|Equipped with automatic voltage regulation|Backed by a $150,000 lifetime connected equipment protection plan|Comes with an LCD interface|Compatible with PFC power supplies and electronics” p_5_headbig=”Conclusion” p_5=”To conclude, offering a 1500VA/1000W Pure Sine Wave UPS battery backup this APC Smart UPS 1500 is the best choice for you. This battery backup unit is the most efficient UPS battery backup. So if you are looking for the best ups battery backup then APC Smart UPS 1500 one should be your best choice. ” pros=”Durable|Super-efficient|Provides 1500VA/1000W Pure Sine Wave UPS battery backup” cons=”Warranty is not long enough” comment=”🏆 Best UPS Surge Protector”]

[displayproduct prepend_title=”2. ” asin=”B085JJZDFK” p_1=”If the power of your home or office goes out then this apc battery backup surge protector will provide your computers, external hard-drives, and other electronics such as the wireless router with constant power. This ups surge protector ensures that there is a proper network connection for your IoT devices. ” p_2=”This ups battery backup surge protector is suitable for computers, monitors and provides a power of 450W. This apc battery backup surge protector features 9 outlets and 2 charging ports. This Upsurge protector is compact and powerful and is full of benefits and features.” p_3_headbig=”Features” p_3_ul=”Features 2 USB ports|Consists of 9 outlets: 6 battery backup and 3 surge protector |Is equipped with a 5’ power cord|Backed by a 3-year warranty and $75,000 connected equipment guarantee|Offers a power supply of 850V/450W” pros=”Can be mounted on a wall|Well assembled” cons=”Produces a very disturbing high pitched electrical noise|A bit heavy” comment=”🥇 Best Battery Backup for Computer”]

[displayproduct prepend_title=”3. ” asin=”B00CCGWEIQ” p_1=”APC Back-UPS ES 550 is the most reliable and popular ups battery backup surge protector. If there is a sudden power outage or fluctuation in the power then this apc battery backup surge protector is the best option. It provides clean and uninterrupted power to all of your sensitive equipment. ” p_2_headbig=”Features” p_2_head=”Suitable for Homes and Offices” p_2=”This ups surge protector is suitable for both homes and offices. With this ups surge protector you will always be connected with your sensitive devices. Moreover, its surge protection outlets are responsible for keeping all of your electronic safe during power line surges and voltage electrical spikes. “
p_3_head=”One Hour of Power” p_3=”Although, it will keep your electronic devices safe from power surges and power outages but there is only one problem that it will not keep your devices connected if the power drops. The battery backup surge protection outlets provide an uninterrupted power to your electronic devices for almost an hour. ” p_4_head=”Other Features” p_4_ul=”Offers a power supply of 550VA/330W|Comes with 8 outlets: 4 battery backup and surge protection, and 4 surge protection only|Features a 5’ power cord|Has a battery life od 3 – 5 years|Backed by a 3-warranty and $75,000 connected equipment guarantee” pros=”Well-built|Reliable and durable|Provides clean and uninterrupted power|Suitable for homes and offices both” cons=”None”]

[displayproduct prepend_title=”4. ” asin=”B00429N19W” p_1=”Well, the Cyberpower CP1500PFCLCD UPS surge protector is full of amazing features and benefits and is suitable for homes and small offices. It is easy to overlook the fact that this model is one of the most moderately priced battery backup surge protectors in the market. But the value is incredible! It is capable of providing power of 930W. ” p_2_headbig=”Features” p_2_head=”UPS for Large Devices” p_2=”If you have to provide power to large devices then this surge protector is an ideal choice for you. Unlike the inexpensive ups surge protectors, this one can keep your modems and routers running for about 4 hour. This means you have enough time to save your important documents. ” p_3_head=”12 Outlets UPS Surge Protector” p_3=”This ups surge protector is designed like a small PC tower. It features 12 outlets and out of these twelve 6 are backed by the battery and are surge protection while the remaining are surge protected only. Moreover, it also consists of 2 USB ports so that you can charge your mobile phones, tablets etc. without needing any extra power adapter. ” p_4_head=”Sine Wave Technology” p_4=”It uses a sine-wave inverter which makes its power smooth and also makes it suitable for sensitive equipment. The backlit screen of this battery backup surge protector provides you with all the necessary information about the battery left, total wattage of the devices etc.” p_4_ul=”Provides a power supply of 930W|Features 2 USB ports|Uses a sine-wave inverter|Comes with 12 outlets: 6 are backed by the battery and are surge protection while the remaining are surge protected only|Uses automatic voltage regulation|Equipped with a backlit screen” pros=”Can keep your modems and routers running for about 4 hours” cons=”None”]

[displayproduct prepend_title=”5. ” asin=”B00DBAA696″ p_1=”Power outrages can be literally annoying as they may damage your electronics or result in loss of your data loss. But don’t worry because this ups surge protector provides battery backup power to keep all of your electronics running whether there are brief power outrages or long ones. ” p_2_headbig=”Features” p_2_head=”Protected Outlet Capacity” p_2=”This battery backup surge protector is equipped with 12 NEMA 5-15R outlets and out of that 6 outlets are battery backup and surge protected outlets while the other 6 are only surge protected outlets and out of these six 3 are ECO controlled. This means that if this ups surge protector detect that your computer is in sleep mode then it will turn off the power to all the computer peripherals that are connected to ECO mode outlets. ” p_3_head=”LCD Display and Guarantee” p_3=”It also features an LCD panel that displays different information like power conditions, battery etc. Lastly, this ups battery backup surge protector is backed by 3 year warranty along with a PowerPanel Personal Edition Management Software and $100,000 guarantee of the connected equipment.” p_4_head=”Other Features” p_4_ul=”Offers a power supply of 850VA or 510W|Features 12 outlets: 6 outlets are battery backup and surge protected outlets while the other 6 are only surge protected outlets and out of these six 3 are ECO controlled|Backed by a 3 years warranty and $100,000 connected equipment guarantee” pros=”Keeps all of your electronics running|Reduces the power usage|Lowers the energy costs” cons=”None”]

[displayproduct prepend_title=”6. ” asin=”B073Q3BSPG” p_1=”If you are looking for an affordable and budget-friendly battery backup surge protector then AmazonBasics Standby UPS 800VA is an ideal choice for you. Although it is a budget-friendly ups battery backup surge protector yet its run time and battery is similar to that of an expensive ups battery surge protector. ” p_2_headbig=”Features” p_2_head=”1.5 Hours of Operation” p_2=”It is capable of keeping your router and modem running for around 1.5 hours. It maximum output is on the lower side and features 12 battery backed outlets that support your electronics. Unlike the expensive ones, it uses standby power management. ” p_3_head=”Not for Sensitive Use” p_3=”Well, there is one drawback of this ups surge protector that you can’t use it for sensitive medical equipment or AV gear. Last but not least, this ups surge protector is backed by one-year warranty. ” p_3_ul=”Uses a power management software|Features 12 outlets: 6 are only surge-protected and 6 are surge protected plus battery-backup|Features a 5’ cord|Backed by a 1-year warranty and $75,000 connected equipment guarantee” pros=”Compact design|Offers you a one-button operation|Provides uninterrupted supply of power” cons=”There is no auto-restart|Can’t be used for sensitive medical equipment or AV gear”]

[displayproduct prepend_title=”7. ” asin=”B00AX9Z7R4″ p_1=”Power surges or outrages can damage your expensive equipment in a matter of seconds. Thus it is necessary that you should install a reliable and durable ups battery backup surge protector and one such is Tripp Lite Omni1500LCDT. This tripplite battery backup surge protector conditions the incoming AC power and provides enough battery backup so that it can last for several power outages. ” p_2_headbig=”Features” p_2_head=”Long Lasting Battery Backup” p_2=”This ups battery surge protector is capable of supporting an energy-efficient desktop PC and LCD monitor for about 55 minutes during the outage and can support half the load for 7.5 minutes. It features 5 outlets and all of them offer battery backup and surge protection. ” p_3_head=”LCD and Automatic Voltage Regulation” p_3=”Unlike cheap ups surge protectors this one uses a system known as Automatic Voltage Regulation or AVR. This feature allows the UPS to automatically detect when the input voltage is out of bounds and correct it without using the battery. It also comprises of an illuminated LCD that shows all the UPS settings and information that includes input and output voltage, battery voltage, load and charge level meters, input and output frequency, output load wattage, battery status, power status, AVR status, and estimated battery backup runtime. ” p_4_head=”Additional Surge Protection” p_4=”Along with protecting your equipment from power surges it also protects from surges on the connected phone, coaxial lines, and network. This ups surge protector features a replaceable, and recyclable battery. This ups surge protector is energy-efficient as it produces less heat, and shrinks the carbon footprint. ” p_4_ul=”Provides a power supply of 1500A/810W|Features 5 outlets and all of them offer battery backup and surge protection|Uses automatic voltage regulation|Features an illuminated LCD display” pros=”Energy-efficient|Produces less heat|The battery is recyclable and replaceable|It also protects from surges on the connected phone, coaxial lines, and network” cons=”There is no auto turn on” comment=”🥇 Best Tripp Lite UPS”]


Power outages and power surges can damage your expensive electronic devices in a matter of seconds. Unfortunately, this can also result in the loss of your important data if you have not saved it. Thus to tackle these issues, it is necessary that you must have ups surge protector–as this investment will benefit you a lot.

A quick review of this article will allow you to find a UPS suitable for a typical home or small office computer system. After extensive research, we found that the best UPS is the APC Smart-UPS SMT1500C; and can be purchased for approximately $515. There are several adequate UPS models in the range of $60.00 to $200.00 depending on size and the length of time you can run the computer without utility power.

Coming in at second place is the Cyberpower CP1500PFCLCD. This UPS is priced moderately below $215. The price and features make it a fierce competitor in the market. The CP1500PFCLCD has an impressive run time and is adequate for most small household computing needs.

Also remember that in most cases the UPS is not intended to run the computer for very long. They are typically designed to hold a load long enough for you to save your work and shut your computer off safely.

But before you purchase any ups battery backup surge protector you should know about all of the factors that may come into account when you are purchasing a new ups surge protector.

Buying Guide Tips

Some of the factors you should be considering are the number of outlets the surge protector has, it is running time and energy consumption, the power managing software which it uses and other important features like this. Well for your ease we have also listed the top 6 ups surge protectors for making your purchase an ease. So we are sure that with the help of this article you will be able to make a right decision.

Honorable Mentions: I’ve reviewed the 7 best battery backup surge protectors, now here are the rest:

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Frequently Asked Questions

[qa qa_1=”1|In addition to a UPS, do I need a surge protector? |A UPS provides essential surge protection, however, additional surge protection is suggested to use in conjunction with all UPS units. A good quality surge device will prevent up to 15x significant surges, one of the leading causes of hardware failure. The surge protection device does not eliminate UPS issues altogether, but will prevent incoming power surges destroying expensive electrical infrastructure.” qa_2=”2|Why is my UPS beeping and giving an alert signal? |There can be multiple reasons your UPS is beeping. Some common ones are:

  • The load is running off UPS battery power in response to a power outage.
  • Your UPS battery requires a replacement.
  • There is a critical fault in the UPS.

” qa_3=”3|How often do I need to replace my UPS and UPS Batteries? |UPS Systems require replacement after they reach the end of their reasonable life expectancy of 6-7 years, some lower spec models require replacement sooner. After this period the internal components such as the inverter, fans, capacitors, battery charger and intelligence module no longer provide a reliable source of protection, if they are not replaced we risk potential downtime and damage to our critical equipment. It is important to replace your batteries in (5) year design life batteries in 3-year intervals for correct UPS upkeep, (10) year design life batteries every 6-7 years. UPS Solutions will alert you in these intervals to let you know your battery is due for replacement if you have purchased the system or battery through us and/or have a service contract. A battery replacement schedule is crucial to avoid potential business downtime and damage to protected equipment. Towards the end of a batteries life expectancy, you can experience a significantly reduced run-time, overheating, battery swelling, acid leakage producing harmful fumes and loss of power and protection.” qa_4=”4|What size UPS do I need? |This depends on your load and the type of equipment that you have connected to the UPS. For example, if you have 3000W of load drawn by your equipment, it is advised choose a slightly larger UPS unit 5kVA or 6kVA. This way you will have coverage for incoming surges and/or heavy machinery drawing larger load when they first start up. If you don’t know your current load give our friendly team a call to scope up the right size UPS for you.” qa_5=”5|Why do I need a UPS? |The UPS provides protection of load against line frequency variations, elimination of power line noise and voltage transients, as well as voltage regulation and uninterruptible power for critical loads during failures of normal utility sources. A UPS is the single most cost effective measure to assure system safety, security and uptime of mission critical data” qa_6=”6|Do I need ongoing maintenance on my UPS? |UPS units are the front line to protect your critical equipment. They constantly battle with incoming surges and regulate the power output. Also, environmental factors, such as the dust and temperature can affect the life expectancy and the UPS protection for equipment. As such, over the years, internal parts tend to get damaged or lose performance. Therefore, it is important to have an ongoing maintenance plan for your UPS.” qa_7=”7|How should I look after my UPS to get the most out of it? |As well as servicing the system through a qualified service provider, it is best to keep your UPS system within recommended
environmental parameters free from dust and debris, keep the system clear from obstructions and maintain a cool environment of 25 degrees.” qa_8=”8|How do I install my UPS? |Smaller UPS units such as less than 1500VA units can utilise a standard 10A GPO outlet. So they could be installed quite easily, plug and play. Although, we still recommend using our professionals as they will commission, and set up the UPS parameters to operate within strict electrical guidelines avoiding potential safety risks. For anything over 1500VA, you will require one of our UPS trained professional. Our team are well versed and have multi-trade disciplines, electrical, engineering, mechanical, IT and data. Ensuring your system is installed correctly but most importantly, safely. Our team can install anything from smaller 500VA systems up to 1MW systems for larger enterprise and data centre environments.” qa_9=”9|How can a UPS help me? |A UPS contains internal batteries that provide guaranteed continuous power in the event of an outage. The UPS provides power for enough time to last the glitch of short power outages. But also protects in the event of longer outages by enabling the opportunity of a proper orderly shutdown of equipment. This means computers can continue running, there is no loss of data, no unexpected downtime and equipment is protected.” qa_10=”10|What do UPS Systems protect against? |A UPS System not only protects against common blackouts, but provides protection from other unseen electrical problems that can occur. Of course this all depends on the type of UPS System; the better the UPS the more power issues it protects against. There are 10 common power issues and Online Double Conversion UPS Systems cover all of them. These are: Outage – Blackouts, Sags/Brownouts, Dynamic Over Voltage, Under Voltage, Over Voltage, Lightning, Transient (Surge), Frequency Variations, Voltage Distortion and Voltage Harmonics.” qa_11=”11|My business is small, do I really need a UPS? |Power problems are not just restricted to larger organisations. PC’s, servers and network are just as critical to your business as a data centre is to a larger enterprise. The cost of downtime is high with hardware, software, reputation and potential loss of goodwill. Recovery time for a business following an outage can also be significant and costly considering the inevitable delays that occur when rebooting locked-up equipment, restoring damaged files and re-running processes that were interrupted. A sound power protection strategy provides cost-effective insurance.”]

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