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2021 Best Soundbar Under $200 Reviews [Photos]

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Enjoying Audio Visual Entertainment at Home

The pandemic of 2020 has led to much more quality time with our families, Netflix & chilling in front of the TV. We are all in a situation where we must stay safe AND stay entertained. The addition of a good tv soundbar can greatly improve your home entertainment experience without breaking the bank.

[qa qa=”Typical Soundbar Price Range|What is the typical price range of a quality TV soundbar?|Many TV soundbars range in price from $100 to $1000 (or more). But finding a quality sound bar doesn’t alway mean breaking the bank. You can often find a really good soundbar under $200. “]

In this article, I am going to provide a comprehensive and informative guide to selecting the best soundbar under $200 to perfectly compliment your home entertainment system.


Soundbars produce premium quality sound capable enough to fill an entire room.

Why a budget soundbar?

Budget soundbars are great if you’d like a high-quality piece of audio equipment that doesn’t break the bank. And even on a budget, the best budget soundbar can still potentially create a cinematic feel in the absence of multiple speakers.

Quality and Cost

The under $200 price category features the best options the marketplace has to offer. Although these options are budget products they still can produce excellent sounding music. There are some excellent budget soundbars that offer a lot of bang for your buck, but if you want to peak of sound quality.

If you are looking for one of the best budget soundbars that will satisfy audiophile tastes then you’ve come to the right place. Over 20 sound bar products were researched and the results were narrowed down to the best 6. All of the soundbars reviewed in this article are designed for audiophiles with crystal clear vocal and dialogue output. This review only includes great budget soundbars that deliver high-quality sound and deep bass. All of the models in this review:

  • are affordable
  • offer a small footprint
  • are easy to set-up
  • sound much better than TVs alone

Home theatre sound systems come in many price ranges and sizes range from compact to large budget. To test the best sound quality of the Soundbars listed below, we compared all of them with a unique combination of movies and music features. We also took into account some of the reliable features such as surround sound, Bluetooth, high-resolution audio, multi-room, etc.  Here are the best picks Soundbar followed by features with pros and cons. So, let get started.

If you are in a rush: Our pick for the best soundbar for the money is the Vizio SB3821-C6 2.1 Channel Bluetooth Soundbar, which offers a ton of great features for less than $200. Now this is a budget soundbase with plenty going for it. It delivers excellent acoustic sounds, has ample connections for your set-up, and includes a user friendly remote control.

Research of best soundbars within a modest budget

For your convenience, we have researched the 6 best budget sound bar products on the market and provided a detailed review of each. Hopefully as you begin to search for the best soundbar, these reviews will provide you with helpful information to guide your choice. And before you get started, here are a few important things to consider:

Quick comparison of the best budget sound bars

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Above All, Consider These Factors When Buying a Sound Bar


All of the soundbars reviewed will include 2.1 channels. This means they will have a left and right channel, along with a subwoofer. It’s an apples to apples channel comparison across the board.


Let’s determine if you’d like your subwoofer connected via a wired or wireless connection. Wireless connected subwoofers often allow more flexible setup options. And wireless subwoofers are also easier to get setup, while leaving a cleaner appearance.

Wall Mount

Now it’s time to assess your preference for a wall mount or or tabletop placement. Think about your television. People with a wall mounted tv often prefer a wall mounted sound bar as well. Some soundbars come with the option to mount on wall, while others do not. So consider this option carefully. Preferably, soundbars should be positioned underneath your TV, if wall mounted. The soundbar position may further elevate your TV sound.

Remote Control

All soundbars come with a remote, and most publish the remote codes that can be used with a universal remote. Nobody likes using one remote navigate channels and a totally different remote to control volume. Well for your convenience, each of the sound bar reviews include a guide to configuring the remote.

Best Soundbar Under $200 – Top 6 Reviews

[displayproduct prepend_title=’1. **🏆 Best SoundBar Under $200**: ‘ asin=’B00SMBG8QY’ p_1=’VIZIO is one of the best and reputable brands for the production of the best-quality music system. The brand offers VIZIO 2.1 soundbar system that offers you the best opportunity to watch movies with rich bass and crystal clear sound. The sound offered by the system will easily spread all over the room and gives immersive viewing and listening experience. ‘ p_2=’The soundbar offers many connection options and enables you to connect various devices via a wireless and wired connection. The compact subwoofer comes with a set that provides quality bass that serves great for movies and music.’ p_3_headbig=’Features’ p_3_had=’Room filling sound ‘ p_3=’With the help of the VIZIO soundbar setup, you will easily enjoy outstanding room-filling sound. It always offers clear crystal sound with a 1% harmonic distortion guarantee.’ p_4_head=’Wireless subwoofer’ p_4=’Another best feature of the VIZIO 2.1 soundbar is the wireless subwoofer that adds rich bass as well as mesmerizing sweet sound quality anywhere across the room. The subwoofer is made from superior material that enhances overall audio power and offers reliable music experience moments.’ p_5_head=’Built-in Bluetooth option’ p_5=’VIZIO Bluetooth soundbar comes with a superior built-in Bluetooth feature through which users can connect smart devices with sound system and enjoy any party a lot.’ p_6_head=’Dolby Digital decoding’ p_6=’VIZIO 2.1 soundbar comes with premium audio along with Dolby Digital decoding. It also comes with DTS audio post-processing as well as TruVolume that makes the overall volume of sound best.’ p_7_head=’Lightweight and compact design ‘ p_7=’The manufacturer of the VIZIO soundbar features a lightweight and compact design. So, it can easily be portable from one place to another.’ p_9_head=’SB3821-C6 SoundBar Manual’ p_9=’Vizio Soundbar Manual‘ pros=’Slim and adorable design |Comes with the remote control system|Provide DTS TruVolume for superior sound |Can easily connect wired or wirelesses with many devices|Budget-friendly soundbar|Can be used anywhere you want’ cons=’The listener may listen to some kind of interfering sound|Bass offers by the system is not so good.’ comment=”🥇 Best Vizio 2.1 Soundbar”]

[displayproduct prepend_title=’2. **🏆 Best Budget Sound Bar**: ‘ asin=’B01NCUP9F3′ p_1=’Are you looking for an inexpensive mini design soundbar with a digital amplifier? If yes, then you are in right place. Insignia Mini soundbar will enhance the best home theatre experience without affecting the budget.’ p_2=’It can easily be connected to your TV set with the help of a single wire. You can also connect it with your phone through Bluetooth. The insignia mini soundbar comes with superior remote control. ‘ p_3=’The Insignia soundbar works great with streaming app such as iHeart radio through Roku. It is perfect while using it for background music.’ p_4_headbig=’Features’ p_5_head=”Small size sound bar” p_5=”Insignia 2.0 soundbar is matched well with any small TV to use in a small room.It provides improved sound with a superior music experience.” p_6_head=’Best for streaming app ‘ p_6=’The insignia soundbar with Bluetooth works very well with streaming app such as iHeart radio through Roku. The soundbar is best to work for background music during any get-together party.’ p_7_head=’Best theatre experience’ p_7=’Insignia Mini soundbar will enhance the best home theatre experience without affecting the budget. It can easily be connected to your TV set with the help of a single wire.’ p_8_head=’Remote control feature’ p_8=’You will be amazed that the Insignia soundbar remote set offers the best remote control feature. It turns on and off automatically.’ p_9_head=’NS-HSB318 SoundBar Manual’ p_9=’Insignia Soundbar Manual‘ pros=’Awesome working of Bluetooth via phone|Comes with indicator light especially for paring purposes|Solid design soundbar|Provide better sound level |Small design speaker but great sound’ cons=’Not provide so loud sound|Perfect for small room only’ comment=’🥇 Best Insignia 2.0 Soundbar’]

[displayproduct prepend_title=’3. ‘ asin=’B085WTFCQ7′ p_1=’If you are looking for impressive sound and powerful bass to elevate the sound experience, then Samsung HW-T450 2.1ch is the best option. The Soundbar comes with a Bluetooth TV connection that enables you to enjoy your favorite content without any unsightly cables.’ p_2=’The Soundbar can easily detect what you are watching and optimizes the sound settings automatically for an enjoyable entertainment experience. Whether it is any drama with quiet dialogues or a loud sporting event, you can use Samsung HW-T450 2.1ch Soundbar to offer clear sound for the best TV viewing. ‘ p_3_head_big=’Features’ p_3_head=’Bluetooth TV Connection ‘ p_3=’One of the best features of the best Samsung 2.1 Soundbar is Bluetooth TV connectivity. This feature helps to connect and listen to your favorite content without any unsightly cables.’ p_4_head=’Powerful bass ‘ p_4=’Samsung TV Soundbar offers deep and rich bass to feel superior action and beat of the music from a wireless subwoofer. The powerful bass makes the set unique to get a clean and clear sound.’ p_5_head=’Smart sound’ p_5=’The Soundbar HW-T450 2.1ch has incredible power to detect what are you watching and optimizes the sound setting automatically for a better entertainment experience. ‘ p_6_head=’Game mode’ p_6=’The perfect game mode features of the Samsung Soundbar and subwoofer optimized the gaming sound by connecting the console with the Soundbar. It helps in boosting the best gaming experience by offering clean directional sound to get an advantage.’ p_7_head=’One Remote Control ‘ p_7=’Samsung speakers for Soundbar features a world of sound with one remote that enable you to control various functions such as sound effects and power volume from your TV set.’ p_9_head=’HW-T450 SoundBar Manual’ p_9=’Samsung Soundbar Manual‘ pros=’Great product for the price|Offer easy setup|Easy to use|Amazing sound quality’ cons=’Some issue with bass |Doesn’t support decoding 5.1 Dolby ‘ comment=’🥇 Best Samsung Soundbar’]

[displayproduct prepend_title=’4. ‘ asin=’B01AWLPUAG’ p_1=’The Bose Solo is one of the best and awesome-looking soundbars available with a superior design. It offers a simple way to hear favorite dialogue from HDTV. The soundbar is always available to provide clarity to audio to sound effects from the dialogue. ‘ p_2=’Built-in Bluetooth technology able you to listen to your favorite music and drama wirelessly. It offers a unique universal remote that control video source and system that is connected to a television.’ p_3_headbig=’Features’ p_3_head=’Small and compact design ‘ p_3=’The Bose soundbar is usually small in size. It does not takes huge space and can easily store anywhere you want. The mounting options offered by this compact design are also extensive. ‘ p_4_head=’Built-in Bluetooth ‘ p_4=’Bose Solo 5 is the best Samsung Bluetooth soundbar that comes with built-in Bluetooth. You only need to connect your Apple TV without any need for a cable.’ p_5_head=’Superior Sound’ p_5=’Bose solo TV soundbar offers superior and great sound. But the best feature offers by this soundbar is voice enhancement. You can easily hear the conversation without doing anything.’ p_6=’The sound and musical effects of the movie never cover voice dialogue. Dialogue mode makes each word easy to understand without any adjustment of volume. ‘ p_7_head=’Flexible placement (wall mount)’ p_7=’Bose TV soundbar is very versatile. You can easily position your soundbar anywhere you want either on TV or mounted on the wall directly using a wall mount.’ p_9_head=’732522-1110 SoundBar Manual’ p_9=’Bose Soundbar Manual‘ pros=’Provide better sound quality |An option of Bluetooth connectivity |Superior sound effects |Comes with richer soundtracks |Deeper bass ‘ cons=’No USB connection |Suitable only for the small size room’ comment=’🥇 Best Bose Sound bar’]

[displayproduct prepend_title=’5. ‘ asin=’B085T6N529′ p_1=’If you are searching for the best and high-resolution audio, then LG SN5Y 2.1 channel soundbar is the top option. The soundbar features Dolby Atmos as well as compatible with Google Assistance for smart homes. This is an impressive feature for a budget soundbar. A few very expensive soundbars (typically starting at more than $1,000) support Dolby Atmos and/or DTS:X object-oriented audio.’ p_2=’The unit also provides superior 550-watt power as well as an audiophile design of speaker that always provides amazing sound output. 2.1ch 400 watt LG TV soundbar is works perfect when you wish to provide TV a superior boost with subwoofer and soundbar. ‘ p_3=’It comes with a minimalist design and great audio quality. ‘ p_4_headbig=’Features’ p_4_head=’Bluetooth streaming ‘ p_4=’LG soundbar Bluetooth is wirelessly streamed with Bluetooth to offer reliability and range while connecting LG soundbar with a phone, tablet, or another device.’ p_5_head=’Sound quality’ p_5=’The integration of Chromecast and Dolby Atmos makes the soundbar for LG TV compatible with many systems. It offers the best and versatile features that amazed you.’ p_6_head=’Power output ‘ p_6=’With a superior power output of LG 2.1ch, a 400 W soundbar is best to monitor the sound. The power provided by the soundbar is 550 watts that turn the power output into a surround sound system.’ p_7_head=’Compatibility ‘ p_7=’The LG soundbar remote unit is best for smart homes. It can easily be connected with Google Assistance when required.’ p_9_head=’LG-SN5Y SoundBar Manual’ p_9=’LG Soundbar Manual‘ pros=’Compatible with google Assistance|Perfect for smart homes|Versatile and compatible sound systems|Better sound quality|550-watt power’ cons=’Little bit heavier|Hard to move around |Sometimes LG soundbar Bluetooth not pairing’ comment=’🥇 Best Sound Bar for LG TV’]

[displayproduct prepend_title=’6. ‘ asin=’B07PL6LDP1’ p_1=’Sony HT-S530 soundbar comes with a superior and wireless subwoofer that is perfect while enjoying any favorite drama on TV. Sony manufactures the best soundbar that is available at a reasonable price. If you are looking for the best and cost-effective TV soundbar, then Sony 2.1 channel soundbar with a superior wireless subwoofer is the best option. ‘ p_2=’It comes with a superior wireless subwoofer that comprises of 16 cm speaker unit. The unique offer 28-liter capacity to deliver vibrant bass sound. THE Sony TV soundbar comes with 320 watts power output that brings life with superior clarity and volume. ‘ p_3=’The voice enhancement feature also helps you to isolate the voice as well as amplify it over a background sound.’ p_4_headbig=’Features’ p_4_head=’Front Surround Technology ‘ p_4=’The front surround technology offered by Sony 2.1 soundbar ensures to deliver a clear and virtual surround sound experience. With this soundbar, you just feel like sitting in any cinema theater. The quality of sound is perfect and you will never need rear speakers that offer surround effect.’ p_5_head=’Connect wireless’ p_5=’The Sony Soundbar with subwoofer supports Bluetooth and makes it convenient for you to enjoy your best music via your mobile phone or tablet. The soundbar can easily connect wirelessly to Sony TV by using Bluetooth compatibility.’ p_6_head=’Setting up’ p_6=’Setting up this unique Sony TV soundbar is easy. The device provides a versatile feature and allows the user to mount it or may place it beside the television on any table. The design looks perfect with the TV and complements the unique performance and looks. The HT-S350 Sony Soundbar is a good choice. The only possible downside is that it does not have many connection options.’ p_7_head=’Sports mode’ p_7=’The sport mode of the Sony Soundbar enhances the viewing experience while you are watching any sports events. It gives an awesome experience to enjoy your favorite sport.’ p_8_head=’Music Mode’ p_8=’The music mode of the Sony 2.1ch soundbar brings each sound note beautifully. It enables you to listen to your favorite music while connecting it with a mobile phone or tablet.’ p_9_head=’HT-S350 SoundBar Manual’ p_9=’Sony Soundbar Manual‘ pros=’High-quality soundbar and subwoofer|Pre-set modes |Allow to enjoy and watch incredible content |Easy to set up |Perfect connectivity with TV and smartphone’ cons=’Does not have an option of the USB port|The bass lacks a low sound volume’ comment=”🥇 Best Sony TV Soundbar”]

Buyer Guide for Best Soundbar 2021

Soundbars are slim, easy to set up, and unobtrusive. The best and high-quality soundbar can emulate a perfect surround system effectively. But it may be difficult to choose the best soundbar because many models are available in the market. We are here to help you with what you need to know while shopping for the best soundbar. So read on and also prepare for having a perfect viewing experience with sweet sound.  


A soundbar with a subwoofer will add rumble and punch to movies and TV shows. It creates effective audio and fuller sound throughout the room. So, if you plan to watch amazing movies with superior sound, then you need a soundbar with subwoofers.


There is some soundbar that relies on the optical cables but some preferred HDMI. HDMI interface helps to supports audio formats much better as compare to optical cable and provide high-quality sound. But while using an HDMI connection, try to purchase an HDMI switch for easy connectivity.

Dolby Atmos and channels

While purchasing soundbars, you may come across various label numbers such as 2.0, 5.1, etc. The first number is referred to as the channel number while the other tells you about subwoofers. Similarly, Dolby Atmos models are the best popular surround technology that can process 128 distinct objects perfectly.


Soundbars are being used for listening to music and watching movies. Most of the soundbars support Bluetooth streaming via tablets, smartphones, or computers. It makes it easy to hear whatever you want. So, while purchasing the best soundbar, try to focus on Bluetooth to enable the feature.


It is always best to have a special checklist before going to the store and purchase anything. Similarly, if you want to buy the best soundbars for a TV device, then ensure to read the top 6 reviews of the best soundbars as well as the buying guide. Above all, you should always look for

  • a decent remote control
  • ample connections for your set-up
  • and of course that all-important sound quality.

I am sure you will make a better purchasing decision. Stay safe and have a nice day.

If you dare to venture outside, you should check out our reviews of outdoor bluetooth speakers.

More Low Priced Sound Bars

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