Best USB-C & Magsafe2 MacBook Charger Reviews

Finding the right Apple MacBook Pro Charger or MacBook Air Charger can be a pain in the you know what…But we, at Best Surge Protection, are here to help you find the perfect mac charger. And it’ll only take about 8 minutes! 😛

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[qa qa=”Alternative MacBook Chargers|Are there alternatives to official Apple chargers for MacBook laptops?|Yes, there are several 3rd Party MacBook Chargers available on the market. Although they are not Apple branded, many 3rd Part chargers are far less expensive and can provide the same performance as OEM.”]

Are you planning to get a new MacBook or feeling frustrated with your old charger? Charging a MacBook can take up to several hours if you do not have a good quality charger on hand.

In some cases, the hard-earned money spent on buying a new MacBook goes in vain when the MacBook Pro charger does not come with electric current control technology and overheats the device. Thus, even a brand new MacBook stops working in some cases. 


The battery is the life of every electronic product. If you wish to handle your MacBook Pro/Air with care, you need to give prime attention to dealing with its battery. For this, you must select a good-quality charger.

I have noticed when looking for a mac charger online that most of them are not budget-friendly. However, getting a good charger (sometimes referred to as an Apple adapter) with the latest technology, fast charging, and protective features are possible at a pocket-book-friendly price if you do some research. 

This article will help you in identifying the best quality affordable Apple MacBook charger to meet your personal needs. Let us learn about their features in detail:

Replacement MacBook Charger Comparison Table:

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Top 5 Best Macbook Charger Review

USB-C + Magsafe2 T-Tip + Magsafe L Tip Macbook Charger

[displayproduct asin=”B07Q5L82PR” prepend_title=”1. ** 🏆 Best Macbook Air Charger ** ” p_1=”The KABCON Power Supply 73W coms with an ideal combination of Magsafe 2 T Tip and Magsafe L Tip connector. This MacBook charger provides fast charging and features a smart chip that provides the right amount of current.” p_2=”The charger has been designed to withstand overheating, high voltage, overcharge, and short circuit. This USB C cable is compatible with MacBook Air 2018, MacBook 12 inch 2015/2016/2017, and MacBook Pro 15 inch and 13 inches 2016/2017/2018. Apart from Mac, it also supports other devices with type-c port.” p_3=”Featuring a light indicator, it displays a red light when the device is charging while the green light is displayed when the charging is full. It comes with a 1-year warranty and a travel case making it easier for you to carry it anywhere. The pack also comprises a cord for AC which is 4.9 ft long. ” p_4=”Suitable for both home and office use, the charger can charger multiple models of MacBook. If you have different models at home, this adapter will eliminate the need of having separate chargers for each model. ” pro_1=”Great compatibility ” pro_2=”Fast charging ” pro_3=”MagSafe 2T +Magsafe 2L connector ” pro_4=”Additional cord ” pro_5=”Latest technology ” pro_6=”LED indicator” pro_7=”Type C to C cable ” con_1=”Sometimes gets warm” comment=”🏆 Best Macbook Air Charger”]

USB-C MacBook Chargers

[displayproduct asin=”B083DD37W7″ prepend_title=”2. ” p_1_headbig=”Features:” p_1=”This dual-port charger is embedded with a dynamic detect system. Thus, you get all the power from the port in use as it is not shared with the unused port. Having two convenient charging options provides 30W delivery when used as a single and 18 W delivery when used as a combine.” p_2=”Whether it is your iPhone 11 or a latest 12-inch MacBook, a Google Pixel 4 XL, or an Air pad Pro, the charger comes with high compatibility. Thus, you do not need to buy separate chargers for all of your devices. This all-in-one charger provides fast charging and comes with high durability.” p_3=”Designed in a lightweight style, this portable charger provides convenient charging by the foldable plug. Ideal for office, home, and on the go charging, it comes in black color and has a slim look. ” p_4=”The USB-C charger provides a 30 output and also a normal USB output for charging USB-C products. Safe to use, it has a built-in system that provides a standard current to every device, thus saving the devices from getting overheated.” p_5=”The MacBook air charger provides fast charging and comes with protective guards for ensuring the right amount of current.” pro_1=”Dual charging option” pro_2=”Dynamic detect system” pro_3=”30W charging” pro_4=”USB support” pro_5=”Protective technology” pro_6=”Fast charging” pro_7=”Easy to carry” con_1=”Does not include cable” ]

[displayproduct asin=”B07PWC32ZD” prepend_title=”3. ” p_1_headbig=”Features:” p_1=”Designed with the GaN technology, this foldable charger can be the right choice for saving the charging of your Mac Book Pro. ” p_2=”Having dual ports, the charger comes with impressive compatibility with any product that can be charged via USB. Thus, this one charger can be the solution of charging for multiple devices at home. Even if you are specifically buying the charger for your MacBook Pro, you can also charge your tablets and phones with it. One port is for the USB –C products that provide a power ID 3 while the other one is the USB –A port that gives power IQ 2.” p_3=”This Anker’s charger features a Power IQ 3 technology that provides super-fast charging. The GaN technology of the adapter has replaced the silicon nitrate, thus provides a safer use no matter where you are. ” p_4=”The dual-port MacBook charger provides a user-manual and is backed by an 18th months warranty. The plug is designed in a foldable style that can be taken out when charging and then slides back when not in use. You can use it for charging the following models of a MacBook: ” p_4_ul=”MacBook Air 13”|MacBook Pro 15”|MacBook 12”|MacBook Pro 13”” p_5=”This Power III atom charger provides convenient and fast charging with its dual ports and comes with upgraded compatibility. So, whether you are at home or office, this power adapter is an ultimate solution for all your charging needs. ” pro_1=”” con_1=””]

[displayproduct asin=”B086YR9XYX” prepend_title=”4. ” p_1_headbig=”Features:” p_1=”This ultra-fast, Thunderbolt USB-C power charger comes with an extension cord and an extra C to C cable. This given is specifically given for giving a super-fast charge to your MacBook Pro 15 inch.” p_2=”The box carries almost everything that you need while using your MacBook. The extension is long enough to provide you enough convenience in charging. You can even use it without the cord and it will function as a traditional Apple charger. ” p_3=”On the square, you will see an LED indicator which is given to indicate you about charging. This light and the glowing indicator are enough to indicate even if you are charging the device in a dark space. This MacBook charger is cheaper than the expensive Apple chargers. However, it has the same quality and charging speed. ” p_4=”The construction of the adapter is solid. Light in weight and durable in quality, it provides great convenience for both home and office use. Manufactured with the latest technology, the charger does not get too hot. Plugs are foldable so they do not take much of your space. The high current can sometimes damage your new MacBook and other devices. There is a small chip installed inside that prevents your MacBook from overheating. Even if you are specifically buying this adapter for your MacBook, you will soon start using it for every device in your home. From cell phones and tablets to iPods and other devices using USB ports for charging, the charger provides safe and fast charging. Embedded with high technology, the charger is smart enough to give the required power to every device with the highest power of 87W. ” p_5=”If you are looking for a super-fast charging solution for your MacBook 15 inch, this is the right choice for you. It takes just 1 hour and 40 minutes to fully charge your MacBook. You can also experience easy data syncing with this user-friendly charger. The charger supports 480 MBs of data syncing and comes in a convenient design. No matter which way you plug in the connector, it inserts accurately every time. ” pro_1=”Extra extension wire ” pro_2=”LED display” pro_3=”Lightweight ” pro_4=”Foldable plugs ” pro_5=”Chip inserted” pro_6=”Great compatibility ” pro_7=”Data syncing ” pro_8=”Extra cable ” con_1=”None “]

[displayproduct asin=”B07DGTFQTD” prepend_title=”5. ” p_1_headbig=”Features:” p_1=”The new Nekteck wall charger can be named as a powerhouse as it comes with five different ports. With its commendable charging and great compatibility, the charger gives a maximum of 87W and has 4 different ports for the USB devices. ” p_2=”Designed with special technology, the charger provides the required output to each device. Having multi protect features, it provides great protection while charging without overheating. Besides this, it has the option of simultaneous charging, thus saves a lot of time. There will not be much clutter on your desk when you buy this all-in-one charger. Having a great speed, it recognized each device and increases the speed up to 2.4A. The pack also offers an additional cable and gives you a 24-month warranty. ” pro_3=”Simultaneous charging ” pro_4=”5 ports ” pro_5=”Protective technology ” pro_6=”Additional cable ” pro_7=”Fast charging ” con_1=”Small cord ” con_2=”Weighs more than other chargers “]

[qa qa=”When to change a macbook charger|So, when should your macbook charger be changed?|Well, in case it gets lost or simply fails to charge very obvious right. But what if your charger is charging your device slowly? Well, you can simply monitor it through the iStat menus which helps you to monitor battery health along with the charging cycles and speed.”]

Buying Guide for a MacBook Charger

If you have recently purchased a MacBook, it is important to know which plugs, adapter, and cable work best for it. Power adapters for Macbook are available in various varieties. They are categorized based on Watts (W). They range from 29W to 96W. Thus knowing the appropriate wattage of a power adapter is necessary.

A compatible higher wattage power adapter may be used with the device but that does not mean that it will charge the device faster thus, you end up paying more for nothing. And also remember, power adapters do not protect your device from power surges and power outages–this is where a good ups battery backup would come into play.

On the other hand, if you use a power adapter with less wattage, it will end up charging your device slowly or will not probably charge at all. This is often the case with standard USB Power Strips.

As of now, there are three types of chargers for your Macbook Pro. These three types of chargers are Mag Safe, Mag Safe 2, and USB – C. As mentioned above, they are available with different wattage.

The last thing to consider is the T and L shaped connectors for Mag Safe chargers. Now that you know what types of chargers are there in the market, it is time for you to determine which charger is the right fit for you.

Determining the Right Charger Type For Your MacBook model:

Given the whole range of chargers available in the market, it will be wise to know the following things related to your MacBook:

  1. MacBook Model No.
  2. MacBook Air or MacBook Pro
  3. MacBook Screen Size
  4. MacBook part of the year it was manufactured

There are three different types of chargers as mentioned above for different types of MacBooks. Once you have determined the model and other details you can now find the correct charger by comparing it with the information below.

Chargers For MacBook:

Below is a comprehensive guide to help you determine the appropriate charger (power adapter) type for your specific Macbook model:

USB-C Power Adapter
  • The year 2015 & later
  • 29W/30W
  • Screen Size 12-inch
MagSafe Power Adapter L-Shaped Connector:
  • Year Late 2009 to Mid 2010
  • 60W
  • Screen Size 13-inch
MagSafe Power Adapter T-Shaped Connector
  • The year 2006 & before to Mid 2009
  • 60W
  • Screen Size 13-Inch

Chargers For MacBook Air:

USB-C Power Adapter
  • The year 2018 & later
  • 30W
  • Screen Size 13-inch
MagSafe2 Power Adapter
  • Year Mid 2012 to Mid 2017
  • 45W
  • Screen Size 11-inch & 13-inch
MagSafe Power Adapter L-Shaped Connector
  • Year Late 2008 to Mid 2011
  • 45W
  • Screen Size 11-inch & 13-inch

Chargers For MacBook Pro:

61W USB-C Power Adapter:
  • The year 2016 & later
  • 61W
  • Screen Size 13-inch
87W USB-C Power Adapter:
  • The year 2016 & later
  • 87W
  • Screen Size 15-inch
85W MagSafe Power Adapter 2-Style  Connector:
  • Year Mid 2012 to Mid 2015
  • 85W
  • Screen Size 15-inch & Retina
60W MagSafe Power Adapter:
  • Year Late 2012 to Early 2015
  • 60W
  • Screen Size 13-Inch
60W MagSafe Power Adapter L-Styled connector:
  • Year Mid 2010 to Mid 2012
  • 60W
  • Screen Size 13-Inch
85W MagSafe Power Adapter L-Styled connector:
  • Year Mid 2010 to Mid 2012
  • 85W
  • Screen Size 15-Inch & 17-Inch
60W MagSafe Power Adapter T-Styled connector:
  • Year Mid 2009
  • 60W
  • Screen Size 13-Inch & 15-Inch
85W MagSafe Power Adapter T-Styled connector:
  • Year Early 2008 to Mid 2009
  • 85W
  • Screen Size 15-Inch & 17-Inch


In short, charging speed, compatibility, and current controlling technology are a few factors that must be noticed when buying a new charger. Whether you are looking for a spare charger or want to get the one for full-time use, make sure to read the features in detail before making a final decision.

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