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Best Garbage Disposal Reviews for 2021

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Are you in the market for a garbage disposal? Even if you are just curious, then this review will help you choose the best garbage disposals as an excellent starting point. Garbage disposals are best for saving time in cleaning. It eliminates the routine of storing organic food waste until the trash pick-up day.

The big question, before I get started is, what is a garbage disposal? Garbage disposals (also known as food waste disposers) are the best and most secure way to get rid from food waste in your kitchen. These under sink accessories are designed to grind up and dispose of food wastage like bones.

This article provides you with a comprehensive review and photos of the seven best garbage disposals on the market. Each garbage disposal has been thoroughly researched in order to highlight the most valuable aspects of each. So, let get started.

Are you in a rush for answers? If you want the best garbage disposal that lasts quite a long time, the InSinkErator Badger 5 garbage disposal is for you. Our comprehensive research and comparison validates the Badger 5 popularity and customer satisfaction. In fact, InSinkErator is America’s #1 disposer brand: There are more American-built InSinkErator garbage disposals in US homes than all other brands combined. I’ve reviewed over 7 other garbage disposals. Badger 5 outranks them in quality and performance. Overall I am impressed with how well it works.


Best Garbage Disposals Comparison Table

Below is a table that compares the specifications of the best garbage disposal replacement products on the market

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Top 7 Best Garbage Disposal Reviews

[displayproduct generate_header_anchors=’yes’ prepend_title=’** 🏆 Best Garbage Disposal ** ‘ asin=’B00004U9JO’ p_1=’Are you looking for the reliable and easy install series disposers? Insinkerator garbage disposals are the best, reliable and functional option. The Insinkerator Badger 5 is a well-designed garbage disposal with high-quality parts will last you a lifetime. And the space-saving design of the Badger 5 model makes for an easy under-sink fit and quick installation.’ p_2=’The Badger 5 has all of the best qualities found in waste disposals. This Insinkerator disposer comes with the durable components because of the long-lasting galvanized steel component that help to grind all food scraps. From meal preparation to cleanup, insinkerator garbage disposal helps in making your home clean. ‘ p_3=’If affordability is in your mind, then there is no other choice than the functional performance of the Badger 5 garbage disposal. The Dura-drive induction motor ensures reliable starts and full grinding power. The overal construction is very durable and dependability.’ p_4_headbig=’Badger 5 Garbage Disposal Features’ p_4_head=’Durable components ‘ p_4=’This Insinkerator model features 1/2 hp dura drive motor that ensures dependable grind of all food scraps. ‘ p_5_head=’Quick Garbage Disposal Installation’ p_5=’The Badger 5 garbage disposal is compact in size and features a space saving design. Installation is a breeze. If your existing garbage disposal wont turn on, then you will find it easy to replace with the Badger 5.’ p_6=’This Insinkerator comes with the power cord. So you simply need to remove your old disposal and install the new drain flange and mounting ring. Then it becomes matter of screwing on your new disposal and connecting to your p-trap. Installation takes about 30 minutes. And the compact design helps to save much-needed space in the kitchen.’ p_7_head=’Easy to use’ p_7=’Badger garbage disposal models are smarter, cleaner and faster ranges from meal preparation to cleanup. ‘ p_8_head=’Affordable price’ p_8=’Insinkerator disposal comes in affordable price. The models is right for every budget and need. ‘ pros=’Easy to use|Keep your kitchen clean |Easy to install |Seems fairly quiet ‘ cons=’None noted’ comment=’🏆 Best Garbage Disposal’ ]

[displayproduct generate_header_anchors=’yes’ prepend_title=” asin=’B000G7UH3M’ p_1=’InSinkErator is innovative waste disposal that is the quietest disposal available in the market. The product features an advanced insulated Soundseal and noise-reducing technology. It comes with a long-lasting 1-HP induction motor that performs all functions effectively. All durable components of garbage disposal feature a better level of durability. ‘ p_2=’It can also handle the toughest and strong food scraps easily. So, if you are trying to search for the quietest disposal available on the market, then this option will be the right one for you. ‘ p_3=’It comes up with an advanced noise-reducing, exclusive, and long-lasting induction motor. It allows durable stainless steel components that handle the toughest food items. So, you can say that this disposal can make lichen cleaner, smarter, and faster. It is simply one of the best garbage disposals available in the market. InSinkErator Evolution Excel 1.0 is the best garbage disposal for your money.’ p_4_headbig=’Insinkerator Evolution Excel Food Waste Disposer Features’ p_4_head=’Quiet and powerful’ p_4=’Insinkerator garbage disposal is an innovative food waste that offers noise reducing and insulated Sound seal technology.’ p_5_head=’Superb and clean preparation ‘ p_5=’Insinkerator disposal enables to perform of all functions ranges from meal preparation to cleanup. It makes work easier and smarter. ‘ p_6_head=’Disposal components ‘ p_6=’Evolution Excel Insinkerator garbage disposals feature the best stainless-steel components that handle tough food items easily. ‘ p_7_head=’Cost-effective’ p_7=’Garbage disposals from Insinkerator are made nicely and purchase at a very affordable price.’ pros=’Best noise-reducing disposer |Comes with long-term features |Durable drive induction motor to perform an awesome function. |Make work comfortable and easier. ‘ cons=’A little pricey, but worth it for the value’]

[displayproduct generate_header_anchors=’yes’ prepend_title=” asin=’B01DLKDPZ2′ p_1=’If you are looking for the best garbage disposal, then Moen GX50C is always a best option. These garbage disposal are designed for those people who slice, peel and dice as the basic part of meal preparation. These garbage disposal usually need little help with thorough cleanup. ‘ p_2=’The food waste disposer comes 1/2 horsepower vortex that offer powerful and fast grinding of food scraps every day. It also help in reducing jamming. It designed with sound deadening insulation that reduce noise and gives secure and clean operation. ‘ p_3=’The garbage disposal also reduce waste that sent to the landfills. It makes it a feasible and eco-friendly option for your kitchen. Due to durable construction, the garbage disposal is built to last and comes with 5-year limited warranty.’ p_4_headbig=’Moen Garbage Disposal Features’ p_4_head=’Powerful grinding ‘ p_4=’Moen garbage disposal comes with 1/2 horsepower vortex that offer powerful and fast grinding of food scraps. It also reduces jamming.’ p_5_head=’Noise reduction’ p_5=’Moen disposal is designed especially with the Soundshield sound deadening insulation that helps in noise reduction. ‘ p_6_head=’Reduce waste ‘ p_6=’Moen GX50C are the best option to reduce waste from kitchen and sent it to landfills. It gives a user the best eco-friendly option.’ p_7_head=’Warranty’ p_7=’Garbage disposal ½ hp is powerful and built to last. It comes with 5-year limited warranty. ‘ pros=’Easy to use|Cost effective|Safe to use|Powerful grinding of food scraps’ cons=’Lacks sound reduction’]

[displayproduct generate_header_anchors=’yes’ prepend_title=” asin=’B000DZGN7Q’ p_1=’The Waste King L-8000 is amoung the best garbage disposals on the market today. The L-8000 is part of Waste King Legend Series disposers and is an excellent option for any medium to large sized family kitchen. The Waste King L-8000 is super easy to install. Due to easy plug-in installation, separate power cord and no requirement for an electrical wiring, then garbage disposal is the best kitchen companion.’ p_2=’The compact and powerful disposal is better addition that help in keeping your kitchen neat and clean. The disposers also features high-speed motor that provide impressive grind. The L-8000 is better and durable disposal that is very simple to install and always gives reliable function. Waste King EZ mount design offer instant installation and replacement disposal in your kitchen. It can easily tackle everyday food items scraps with better energy efficiency. The removable and replaceable splash guard enables the user to clean it whenever required. ‘ p_3_head_big=’Waste King L-8000 Features’ p_3_head=’High speed motor ‘ p_3=’Waste king l-8000 comes with removable and replaceable splash guard that easily clean it when not in use. ‘ p_4_head=’Easy Garbage Disposal Installation and Cleaning ‘ p_4=’Waste king garbage disposal are safe to use with superior septic tanks that is best for home kitchen. ‘ p_5_head=’Lifetime protection ‘ p_5=’1 hp garbage disposal features superior manual reset button that will shutoff when overload or jam. It can easily revert the running status by pressing the reset manual button. ‘ p_6_head=’Reliable functionality’ p_6=’Waste king garbage disposals comes with continuous feed disposal feature that activates with the help wall switch and runs till it turned off. Durability and longevity of the L-8000 make this one of the best disposal on the market.’ pros=’Strong grinding power|Easy to use|Cost effective |Durable construction disposal |Easy to install ‘ cons=’None noted’]

[displayproduct generate_header_anchors=’yes’ prepend_title=” asin=’B00DCMFL5M’ p_1=’Are you in search of a high-speed motor garbage disposal? If yes, then Waste Knight A1SPC garbage disposal is the best one. With 1 HP power and a 2800 RPM motor, the garbage disposer features sound-insulated and jams less operation. The all-metal mounting system is fully compatible with three-bolt mounts. ‘ p_2=’If you need a life-time protection disposer, then this lifetime limited in-home warranty of the product always works for you. You will never need any non-electrical expertise because it comes with a pre-installed power cord that never required electrical work. All stainless steel components of the garbage disposal feature extended disposal life and durability. Waste King Garbage disposal is activated by the wall switch that quickly grinds food scraps as it runs continuously. ‘ p_3_headbig=’A1SPC Waste King Garbage Disposal Features’ p_3_head=’EZ Mount Technology ‘ p_3=’A waste king garbage disposal uses a new mount system that ensures easy and quick installation or replacement of hardware. It makes the process easy and clean. ‘ p_4_head=’Grinding the waste’ p_4=’Waste King Garbage disposals come with ½ HP power that will never jam during a continuous feed. The unit can easily handle apple cores, small bones, coffee beans, and much more. ‘ p_5_head=’Silencer technology ‘ p_5=’1 hp garbage disposal features the best body construction that consists of a stainless steel chamber for grinding. It has been insulated by using glass-filled nylon ‘ p_6_head=’Easy Installation ‘ p_6=’As one of the quietest garbage disposals, it feature the best lock and snap mounting system that makes it compatible with other mounting systems without adaptors. ‘ pros=’The compatible all-metal three-colt mounting system |Extended disposal life |No electrical work required |100% pre-installed power cord ‘ cons=’Little bit heavier’]

[displayproduct generate_header_anchors=’yes’ prepend_title=” asin=’B005HTH7J6′ p_1=’This compact GE garbage disposal comes with super jam-resistant technology. The technology enables the user to prevent all kinds of potential jams and clogs instantly. It features a 1/3 horsepower motor, but can easily grind the toughest foods such as corn cobs and bones. ‘ p_2=’The innovative Drain boost technology of GE disposer keeps the drain clean and clear of waste. The amazing grind ensures that each thing is septic-safe and wastage of food will easily drain. The disposal can easily hit maximum speed and torque so that all food is less likely to be a jam. ‘ p_3_headbig=’GE Garbage Disposal Features’ p_3_head=’Economical but Powerful’ p_3=’GE garbage disposal comes with 1/3 HP motor that can hit high torque and maximum speed so that food is jammed less.’ p_4_head=’Drain Boost technology ‘ p_4=’The disposer also features an angled fin that can pumps water to clean drains and also reduces clogs. ‘ p_5_head=’EZ Mount installation ‘ p_5=’It also comes with three bolt-mount that make installation easier and secure. ‘ p_6_head=’Fine Food Waste Grinding ‘ p_6=’The fine grind of disposal ensures that each thing is septic-free and drainage of food waste will be easier. ‘ pros=’Powerful grinding |Fast and instant grind |Superb installation |Superb design ‘ cons=’Buyers have reported installation troubles’]

[displayproduct generate_header_anchors=’yes’ prepend_title=” asin=’B074V3HR25′ p_1=’The Moen Garbage Host Series is perfect for heavy duty garbage disposal use by a large family. The Moen GXB75C disposer is designed for those who want to cook for their large families & guests and need more cleanup power. With 3/4 horsepower and a 2,700 RPM vortex motor, the disposer provides powerful and fast grinding of tough food waste.’ p_2=’The motor is very powerful; it also helps in overall reduction of jamming. As a safety feature, the disposal only works when the batch stopper is engaged and also locked in its place. It also keep unwanted items out of a disposal while it is in use for offer better safety. ‘ p_3=’The Moen garbage disposal Host Series also comes with best noise reduction features that offer better insulation. It also comes with pre-installed power cord and fit with most of the existing assemblies. It is very safe to use with superior sized septic tanks. ‘ p_4_headbig=’GXB75C Moen Garbage Disposal Features’ p_4_head=’Compact design ‘ p_4=’This Moen disposal comes with compact design that is light in weight and offer easier installation. ‘ p_5_head=’Safety Batch Feed Technology ‘ p_5=’The GXB75C Moen garbage disposal offers batch feed technology that ensure safe operations while in use. The disposer activated with the help of feed drain stopper that doesn’t required any wall switch. ‘ p_6_head=’Reduce waste’ p_6=’3/4 hp garbage disposal helps in reducing waste that sent to the landfills. It is the best eco-friendly option for your kitchen. ‘ p_7_head=’Among Quietest Garbage Disposals’ p_7=’3/4 horsepower garbage disposal features Soundshield that designed to offer best sound deadening insulation. ‘ pros=’Easy to install|Easy and perfect batch feeder |Well-made|Durable construction ‘ cons=’Safe feed technology takes some getting used to’]

Buyers Guide

Top Brands

Insinkerator is by far the brand leader in the garbage disposal market. And the Badger 5 series by Insinkerator is among the best. As you look around, you’ll also find that Waste King and Moen are also very prevalent. But the decision always comes down to preference, as each brand and models has a little something different to offer.

Garbage Disposal Replacement Compatibility

If your garbage disposal won’t turn then you need to make sure you purchase a compatible replacement. Today most garbage disposal replacements come with a power cord. So there is no need to have electrical expertise to perform the installation.

The only other thing you need to look at is the drain flange and the mounting ring. These are mostly standardized across brands but it is always good to double check.

Garbage Disposal Installation

Garbage Disposal Installation How ToInstalling a garbage disposal does not have to be difficult. In fact, garbage disposal installation is quite simple. As I mentioned above, there is usually no electrical expertise required.

Here is a step by step garbage disposal installation guide:

30 Minute Step by Step Guide:

  1. Simply unplug and remove your existing garbage disposer.
  2. Replace the drain flange in the sink.
  3. Connect the mounting ring.
  4. Tightly secure the new garbage disposal to the mounting ring.
  5. Connect the garbage disposal to the drain line
  6. Plug it in to an appliance surge protector and give it a test!


When your garbage disposal won’t turn on, it can often create a panic; but it doesn’t have to. This article makes finding a replacement food waste disposer very easy.

Best garbage disposal for your family

The garbage disposals reviewed in this article are among the best garbage disposals on the market today. And after reading the reviews, I am confident that you will find right one to meet your family’s needs.

I hope you enjoy this article. And as always, please leave a comment with your thoughts or ideas.

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