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A good USB surge protector can a.) save space and b.) protect your precious electronics from harmful electrical surges. In this article, I am going to provide detailed reviews and photos of highly rated USB surge protector products. You will also get a comprehensive guide to finding the best USB surge protector to meet your specific needs.

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Basic Advantages of a USB Surge Protector

Space savings

Now more than ever, electronic devices are packaged with USB powered charging blocks:

  • cell phones
  • tablets
  • laptops
  • wireless headphones
  • and more

Unfortunately these usb charging blocks are usually very big and bulky. In a home crowded with electronics it can be challenging to locate enough outlets to plug your USB powered devices. USB surge protectors reduce the amount of space required by each plug. These devices allow you to simply connect the male end of the USB cord directly into the surge protector.

USB Surge Protection

Most Americans have thousands of dollars worth of small usb-powered electronic devices in their homes. Just think, the average selling price of a smartphone alone is $621. A USB surge protector is the best way to protect your lightweight electronics from a catastrophic voltage spike. It is a small investment that can save you thousands of dollars in the long run!

If you are looking for the safest and cheapest way of protecting your small electronics, then a USB Surge Protector is the best option for you.

Product Previews – Comparison Table

Let’s get started. Below is a preview of the products we will be introducing to you today through extensive reviews.

USB Surge Protector, Power Strip Comparison Table
surge protector
usb surge protector
900 joules
8-outlet surge protector
4 usb charging ports
surge protection
6-ft cord
surge protector
usb surge protector
1280 joules
6-outlet surge protector
1 usb-c ports
2 power iq pd ports
30w usb
surge protection
6-ft cord
surge protector
usb surge protector
1080 joules
6-outlet surge protector
2 usb ports
2.4amps usb
surge protection
surge protector
usb surge protector
918 joules
3-outlet surge protector
2 usb ports
2.1amps usb
surge protection
surge protector
usb surge protector
440 joules
3-outlet surge protector
2 usb ports
2.4amps usb
surge protection

How to find the best surge protector with USB

We’ve made this part simple for you. In order to find the best surge protector with USB, we have:

  • tested the products in our lab
  • studied product features
  • analyzed the feedback of other buyers
  • created comparison charts based on various styles and configurations offered by the surge protector

Many NEMA 5-15 (traditional) surge protectors also come with USB connections. This makes it easy for you to charge your smartphone devices without using wall warts.

If you want to charge your electronics like tablets or cell phones, then look for the surge protector that has an integrated USB port. Some of the ports are of only one amp that takes too much time to charge your devices. So, try to look for the surge protector that comes with 2 amp power.

Define USB Power Delivery (PD) Fast Charging

USB Power Delivery is the best and fastest charging technology that delivers a high level of power more than ordinary charging. It is supported by Apple, Google, Android, and iOS devices. USB-PD can easily charge your smartphone devices 70% faster than standard charging. It means that less time is taken by the smart devices to charge. If you are looking for an urgent battery boost, then USB-PD will be a better option for a quick 10-minutes charge.

One of the best features provided by USB power delivery is an increased level of standard power up to 100Watts. It means that the device will be charged in a much faster way. Another feature of USB power delivery is that the power direction is not fixed. With PD, the phone is responsible for powering the hard drive. It also ensures the overcharging of the device and only provides a sufficient amount of energy required by the smart devices.

Devices that are USB PD supported

Apple iPhone has started to support the instant charging and the USB PD charging protocol. Due to instant charging features USB PD become popular among the various devices. With the increasing popularity of USB PD, many smart phones, laptops, chargers, and power banks could also support it.

Top 5 Best Surge Protectors with USB

1. ** πŸ† Best USB Surge Protector ** BESTEK Quick Charge 3.0 USB Power Strip, Surge Protector

4.8 Total Score
Bestek introduces the best and reliable power strip that features 8 outlets and 4 USB ports. With these two features, you can easily charge the tablet, PC, Fax, Bluetooth headphones, smartphones, and e-reader. The power strip also protects your devices from electrical spikes and surges. The USB charging ports with smart technology can easily detect your smart devices and delivers the best charging speed up to 2.3 or 2.4 amps per port. With the help of Qualcomm QC 3.0 charging technology, you can easily charge compatible devices in a much faster way.

Quick Charge 3.0 Compatibility:

The USB surge protector is also compatible with the quick charge 3.0 devices as well as universal devices. So, you will never worry about the charging problems as this surge protector is always read to deliver the best charging speed.

Power Overload Dectection & Auto Shutoff:

In an event of power overload, the smart safety switch will automatically turn off. It can protect devices as well as your home from electrical spikes and surges. The switch present on the top side is designed to be loose perfectly. It ensures that the switch button would never get stick after long term use.

  • 6-Foot Long Flat Angle Plug
  • Heavy Duty Extension Cords
  • Flame-retardant materials
  • 900 Joule
  • FCC ETL Listed
  • Quick Charge 3.0 Power Strip
  • Surge Protector USB


  • Maximum number of outlets
  • Appear to be built very well
  • The performance of the surge protector is awesome.
  • Comes with nice and durable construction
  • Affordable price
  • Keep everything powered fast and neatly
  • Best surge protector with 4 USB ports


  • One customer claim that it buzzes and bad for a nightstand
  • Charging time is not so fast.

πŸ† Best USB Surge Protector

Priced Under $30
πŸ† Best USB Surge Protector

2. Anker USB C Surge Protector Power Strip with Power Delivery

4.8 Total Score
Anker USB Surge protector might look like an ordinary one, but it can save you from many problems. The surge protector features high speed charging because of USB C PD ports. It has the ability to provide 30 W charges to any USB device like tablets, phones, or laptops.


Protection from Electrical Spikes:

One of the other best features provided by this power strip is reliable surge protection. A sudden increase in voltages or current can damage your electronic devices. It can also destroy irreplaceable data. So, in order to protect your data and devices, the surge protector with USB ports work very well. It protects devices from spikes and surges up to 1280 joules power rating with advanced surge protection.

Safety Features:

Anker Protector Outlet USB C also features overload protection, internal safety shutters, and fire-resistant casing. All of the multi-protection features combine to make the best and safest power strips.

Tangle Free Design:

The surge protector also features a durable braided and hard-wearing cable. It is designed in such a way that it remains tangle-free whether in your living room or in your bag.

Outlet Spacing

The extra space among every AC outlet also offers enough room for the largest plug. I really like the overall design provided by this amazing set.

  • Six Outlet and 3 USB ports
  • Power Delivery Port Power Strip
  • PowerPort Strip PD 6
  • 6.6 Foot Long Cord
  • Flat Plug
  • Perfect for Home, Office, and
  • Energy rating 1280 Joule


  • Can charge up to nine devices at a time
  • Advanced charging technology
  • Upgraded and tangle-free cable
  • Designed to charge cell phones and tablets
  • Outlets are spaced apart
  • Built-in USB to charge mobile and other smart devices
  • Modern and sleek design
  • Durable and sturdy braided cable
  • Saves space and makes it harder to knock out of the plug.
  • Outstanding quality


  • None
Priced Under $50
2.  Anker USB C Surge Protector Power Strip with Power Delivery

3. APC Wall Outlet USB Surge Protector

4.7 Total Score
The APC wall outlet plug extender is the best surge protector with USB that comes with 6 outlets. This surge protector will impede all of those surges that may destroy the computer and other office or home electronics. The device is always ready to maximize space available at your home or office because of its compact design. If you are looking for the surge protector available at an affordable rate, then this is best for you.


Protection from Electrical Spikes:

The APC Wall Outlet Plug Extender Surge Protector features 6 outlets and comes in pure white color. The device offers a 1080 joule surge protection rating and is enough output for handling any situation at home or at the office.

RFI and EMI Filtering:

APC wall outlet surge protector also features RFI and EMI filtering features. With these features, the protector can reduce the line noise that may cause keyboard error or data losses.

A: Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) filters and Radio-frequency Interference (RFI) filters are synonomous. RFI and EMI filters are electrical devices (or circuits) that help prevent the high frequency Electromagnetic noise present on the power and signal lines.

What is RFI and EMI Filtering?


Overload Recovery:

The best feature possessed by the APC wall outlet protector is that it has a resettable circuit breaker that gives an easy recovery from overload. You will no need to replace a fuse in that case. It also protects the data line to ensure the complete protection of electrical devices from electrical spikes and surges. This LED informs the users of any upcoming and dangerous wiring issues in a wall circuit.

  • AC Multi-Plug Outlet
  • 1080 Joule Surge Protection
  • Building wiring fault indicator
  • $50,000 connected equipment policy
  • 2 USB ports
  • 1200 watts input power
  • Six outlet wall mount
  • Designed to fit the two outlets configure
  • Screw for mount unit on the wall
  • Lifetime warranty
  • 2.4 Amps charging power


  • It can easily be screwed to the wall
  • Sturdy and reliable built-in surge protector
  • Fit six plugs and two USB devices
  • Amazing port spacing
  • Brighter light for the room
  • The excellent wall outlet tap
  • Surge protection rating 1080 joules
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Design is slightly bulky
Priced Under $20
3.  APC Wall Outlet USB Surge Protector

4. Belkin Portable Wall Outlet USB Surge Protector

4.6 Total Score
Belkin 3-outlets surge protector is the ideal power solution for business vacations and business trips. The surge protector with USB ports gives you a portable and convenient way to charge and protect essential devices.


Compact and Durable Design:

The protector is well equipped with the 3 protected AC outlets, 360-degree rotating plug design, and powered USB outlets. The design of the surge protector is compact and durable, so it can easily be fit in any small space. With the super, durable, and compact design, the power strip is always ready to protect devices and irreplaceable data from electrical surges and spikes.

Protected USB Charging:

In addition to its 3 outlets, the surge protector also provides 2-protected USB charging ports. It allows you to easily charge smart phones, tablets, and other devices through USB. These durable and reliable ports make it easier to keep all devices running in good condition without blocking USB ports of computers. They provide the needed power of 2.1 Amp that offers fast and efficient charging. The USB ports are intended for charging devices. They do not submit any data as well as you cannot use it as USB Hub.


The compact and lightweight surge protector USB easily place into your backpack or laptop bag. It also provides a feature of a rotating plug with 4-locking positions. These positions enable you to use the device in any tight space without worrying about the awkward replacement of the outlet.

  • Portable surge USB protector
  • Ideal for travel
  • 3 AC Power Outlets
  • 360-degree rotating plug design
  • 918 joules rating
  • Premium protection against surges
  • Dependable and compact design
  • 2-powered USB outlets
  • Damage-resistant


  • A perfect solution for vacations and business trips
  • Gives a convenient and portable way of recharging
  • Protect essential devices
  • Equipped with 3 protected AC outlets
  • Easily fit in small spaces
  • Compact and lightweight design
  • Put it in your laptop bag


  • The swivel is sometimes hard to maneuver
Priced Under $20
4.  Belkin Portable Wall Outlet USB Surge Protector

5. GE Pro USB Charging Surge Protector with Night Light

4.6 Total Score
Have you got tired by the snarls of the wires just like me? If your answer is yes, the GE pro USB charging can resolve your problem with special wall mounting technology. When it comes to preserving the electrical accessories, then a self-circuit break protector is an ideal one. Fortunately this Surge protector with USB ports comes with an automatic shut-down facility at a reasonable price.

With 440 joules energy rating, you can easily operate 6 or less than six devices with this surge protector at a time. The required maximum voltages for operating this surge protector are only 120 V AC.

GE pro surge protection is the suitable price range protector that provides auto shut down and wall mounting technologies. The weight of the product is only 0.3 lbs that make its sleek design. It can easily operate on 1800 W power.

  • USB Charging Surge protector
  • UL Listed charging station
  • Perfect for home and offices
  • Beautiful finish touch
  • Light sensing Night Light
  • Three Outlets
  • Two USB ports
  • Dust-to-Dawn Sensor
  • 440 Joules


  • Sleek design
  • Great for expanding plugs
  • Protect
  • Wall-mounted easily
  • automatic shut down
  • Nightlight features
  • Durable and nice construction
  • Easy to use
  • Best charging experience


  • Does not have any reset switch
  • Small in size
Priced Under $25
5.  GE Pro USB Charging Surge Protector with Night Light


I hope that while reviewing all of the best surge protectors with USB, you already decided which of them is suitable for you.

Buyer’s Guide

In short, if you need USB Surge Protectors, then Bestek is the best. It is a reliable power strip that features 8 outlets and 4 USB ports. With these two features, you can easily charge the tablet, PC, Fax, Bluetooth headphones, smartphones, and e-reader.

All of the above models are researched thoroughly and then review on the basis of features, pros, and cons provided by these models. All of them are convenient and reliable.

Feedback: If you feel like I skipped any necessary product information, then let me know about it. I will appreciate your effort and bring changes in this review article according to your own suggestions.

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