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A Smart Plug can add extra intelligence to every electronic device you connect to it. This puts the control of every device at your fingertips from anywhere in the world 🌎 . Whether they’re marketed as smart switches, smart outlets, or any variation thereof, smart plugs are ultimately plug-in outlets (or power strips). They plug directly into a wall outlet or traditional power strip. They are considered ‘smart’ because they let you control your appliances from an app on your phone from anywhere.

We have reached a point where many people do not believe that unplugging modern appliances is really worthwhile. For decades we have looked forward to the day when‚ smart outlets and power strips (which are becoming more widely available) would do the thinking for us.

In today’s market, you can even buy “smart” power strips that automatically turn off power to devices that aren’t in use. In fact, you can easily turn off TVs, computers, and other electronic devices when not in use. Smart power strips can do much more. Exclusively designed to take care of the vampire power drain problem, it’s an intelligent switching mechanism.

There are so many choices in the market for smart plugs and smart power strip outlet devices. Smart plugs (sometimes known as smart sockets or smart outlets) let homeowners turn any device into a smart device. My goal for this blog post is to narrow down the best choices. And I’ll give you all the information you need to make an intelligent decision.

In a rush to find the answers? Our comprehensive research and comparison has led to the choice of Kasa Smart KP303 Plug Power Strip as our top pick. This smart power strip seemingly converts three dumb devices to smart devices with support for HomeKit, Amazon Alexa, and Google Assistant. You also get 2 USB ports. Overall I am impressed with how well it works. It has the power to make any regular electrical appliance a smart home device in an instant!


Below is a list of smart plugs and smart power strips (surge protectors) that will be reviewed in this blog post:

Product Preview – Comparison Chart

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The smart plugs and power strips are similar to the traditional power bar that is designed to monitor and control the power of every electrical outlet. The strip also works to prevent household electrical devices from wasting power and improve overall efficient energy use.

In many ways smart power strips are the best option for even traditional power strip needs. The advantages are clear:

The plug-in outlets present on the smart power strip come in a super standard size that is well-spaced. Its area surrounding each outlet is colored coded that helps the user to install strips for the maximum power savings. Some outlets offer automatic shut-off when not in use.

Once you’re sure a smart plug will fit properly in your home, it’s important to consider what it can do. You can use your phone to turn control power. And you should consider connecting the products you already own with a smart plug.

Smart surge protectors would bit cost you anymore but just similar to regular strip. They will work to protect devices from the various causes of surges like:

  • Lighting strikes
  • Accident and malfunction at any power company
  • Tripped circuit breaker
  • On and off cycles of larger tools and appliances
  • Downed power lines
  • Electrical surges and spikes

Any device that can plug into any AC outlet can get benefit from the surge protector and power strips. Some of the important equipment is those devices that feature sensitive electronic and memory circuitry. It is essential for:

  • Video gaming systems
  • Lighting, small appliances, and office equipment
  • TVs, sound system, satellite receiver, and cable boxes
  • PC and other computer peripheral devices like routers, monitors, and printers.
  • Computer-Grade Filters

Comparing the difference: Smart surge protector vs Smart power strips

The similarities are clear, but there are some major differences between smart surge protectors and smart power strips.

Smart Power Strip

Smart power strip does not do more than the expansion of devices that you plug into the single wall outlet. They are often come in various models and offer six or more outlets. Both traditional and smart power strips supply power to multiple devices using only one electrical outlet. Smart power strips can actually cut power off and save energy since they are able to detect when a device is in standby mode.

Smart Surge Protector

On the other hand, a smart surge protector is the power strip that can protect the devices from short bursts of power. These surges are often higher in voltage and can damage the devices very badly.

Focus on Joules

All surge protectors are rated by Joules, as it will determine how much energy can be absorbed. The function performs by the surge protector is to give the user the ability to plug as many devices as he can. It also serves comes other functions. Due to these functions, the price of the smart surge protector is high.

A Scenario for a Smart Power Strip

With only one laptop that plugged into a smart strip, you will offset 16 watts of energy when using it properly. With time, this amount will increase to 68 Kwh. It will cost a different amount in various areas.

Imagine the case where the workstation that contains monitors, personal printer, and desktop computer plug in the same power strip. While asleep, the desktop monitor can draw 1.4 watts, printer draws 5.3 and the computer draws 21 watts. The total power will be 27.7 watts. So, in that case, you will need the best quality surge protector that not only save energy but also protects from surges in electricity.

Top 5 Best Smart Power Strips and Smart Plugs

In these reviews, we will look at the best smart surge protectors and power strips that provide you a better level of control. If you are looking for full home control, this article will help. These reviews of smart power strips and surge protectors are organized for those people who are looking for better security of electrical appliances.

[displayproduct prepend_title=”1. ” asin=”B07H5JSVTD” p_1=”If you are looking for the smart surge protector that comes with wifi connection with Alexa features, then APC smart plug is the best option. Simply plug in your favorite devices and they are instantly “smart.” You can link up multiple surge protectors too, allowing you to control several groups of devices simultaneously. It is the 5 wifi smart plugs that can be controlled by the APC home app or Alexa. The power strip comes with 3 standard surge protector outlets as well as 2 standard USB charging ports. The nominal input voltage of this unit is 120 volts. It comes with 2160 joules of surge protection that comes with UL certification that indicates protection from any powerful electrical spikes or surges.” p_2=”It also features Alexa smart plug voice controlling features that can control lights and appliances anywhere you want. The APC smart surge protector is backed by the best lifetime warranty. It also provides $50,000 connected equipment safety and protection.” p_3=”This APC power strip is also an excellent option to power your PC Workstation and peripheral devices. As I mentioned earlier, PCs and monitors often draw excess energy while they are not in use. This APC smart power strip has the capability to save energy and possibly lower your electrical bill.” p_4_headbig=”Features:” p_4_ul=”3-Smart Plugs|Work with Alexa|6-Outlets in Total|2160-Joule Surge Protector|No Hub is Required|If there’s a problem with high or low voltage this unit will cut the power” pros=”Control anywhere and anytime|LED control by using voice or app|Connect many smart surges|2160 joules power rating|Better protection|Everyday convenience|Better child care|Simple and stylish design|Look awesome|Great spacing between various outlets|LEDs are visible and bright” cons=”Some slight LED issues|APC app occasionally restarts on some smartphones” comment=”🥇 Best Computer Power Strip”]

[displayproduct prepend_title=”2. ” asin=”B07KK62GB7″ p_1=”If you are in search of the best outdoor and smart power strips, then the POWRUI Smart power strip is best for you. The outdoor extension cord with super four AC outlet design that gives easy accessibility to protect connected devices. When it comes to quality, flexibility, and quality, then this power strip is always ready. It offers the best weather-proof design with splash-proof and fire-proof material. All of these features make the product incredible safety for both outdoor and indoor use.” p_2=”The product is paired with Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, and Amazon Alexa for better voice control. The product can also operate by using the smart life app on smartphone devices. It also provides schedule and timer features that save electricity by turning the connected devices on and off when required.” p_3=”The thing that makes the plug unique is the four sockets that come with a flexible cord. It can be operated and configured independently. It works as the best remote control smart power strips.” p_4_headbig=”Features:” p_4_ul=”Comes with 4-Outlet Extender|Remote Control unit|Work best for Timer|Weatherproof for both Indoor and Outdoor Use|Easily Compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant|IFTT approved” pros=”Easy to use|Easy to set up through Wifi|Work with super connected netwrok|Controlled by Alexa and Google assistant|Offer surge protection of about 180 joules|Features timer functions|Perfect for outdoor use|Best surge protector|Better quality” cons=”Maintaining a strong network connection is sometimes difficult”]

[displayproduct prepend_title=”3. ” asin=”B07FM3P87S” p_1=”If you are looking for the best smart power strip that also features wifi connection, then T Teckin is the best option. When you need the best smart power strip, then this is a great and awesome unit. The features that make it unique are the IP44 waterproof rating that keeps it safe from bad weather conditions and splashes.” p_2=’Secondly, the socket is well-crafted from ABS fireproof material that comes with impact-resistant housing. It can easily withstand against damp and wet conditions. Great news – the Power Strip can be controlled from any location using the free “Smart Life” app.’ p_3=”The smart power strip is equipped with remote and voice control features. It is a user-friendly plug that can control remote and voice commands. It comes with a 3.2 extension cord. The smart power strip that is UL approved. It is made of high-quality materials. PCVO material is also used that protects the better safety of your home. The device supported 110 to 240 volt with 10 A maximum loads.” p_4_headbig=”Features:” p_4_ul=”3.28-ft Extension Cord|Compatible with Alexa and Google Home |TECKIN Surge Protector |Comes with 4 USB Charging Ports |Smart AC Plugs for many Outlets|Lowers average power usage” pros=”Safety design |Automatically power off |Protect the device instantly |UL approved |Made from ABS retardant polymer |Set timer and schedule of on and off devices |Easy to set up |Wi-fi enables |Plug-in design |Easy to install |Thick cabling” cons=”None…Its Perfect 🙂”]

[displayproduct prepend_title=”4. ” asin=”B07WGN3X5F” p_1=”AHRISE WIFi Surge protector is another smart device that comes with 4 USB charging ports and 4 smart outlets. The smart surge protector work with Google Assistant and Alexa for better voice control. It has the ability to remotely control home appliances that only control 2.4 G Wifi. It doesn’t support the 5G wifi network. The smart plug does not work for open-end networks without a password and encrypted wifi network.” p_2=”You can easily work to set timer and schedule with the help of app control. Remote control home appliances can be used from any place and at any time. You can also power on and off when needed.” p_3=”If you want to make a group of all smart devices, then control them with one command only via using this smart appliance. The reliable USB station comes with 4 USB charging ports that charge any USB devices. The product also gives 24 hours services with a 30-day money-back guaranteed. The 6 feet long cord extends its moving capability. You can easily carry it anywhere in the room even though connected to the wall socket.” p_4_headbig=”Features:” p_4_ul=”1680 Joules power rating|Comes with 4-Smart Outlets|4 outlets are always on outlets|4-USB Ports|Smart 4.8A 24W|6-ft Extension Cord|Black|Power supply AC: 100 to 240 volt” pros=”Super easy to use|Performance of smart surge protector is amazing|Easy to use|Awesome black color|Ability to turn on and off switches|Compact size|Work with Google Assistant and Alexa|Can easily be controlled anywhere|1680 joules surge protector” cons=”We wish it had mounting holes”]

[displayproduct prepend_title=”5. **🥇 Best Power Strip** ” asin=”B083JKSSR5″ p_1=”Kasa offers the best app that not only controls outlets but also monitors the energy consumed by the plugin devices. It is an amazing feature that is not present in other smart power strips. This smart power strip offers individual control over each of its power outlets, including the USB ports. First download the Kasa app, then just follow the simple onscreen directions to connect each device. This allows for precise control over each of the outlets. This allows you to turn on the power from your phone, set schedules, and tie the lights together with other smart devices in your home. It is really helpful while trying to cut down the electrical bill on a monthly basis.” p_2=”Another amazing design feature of this device is that all of the outlets are well-spaced to allow bigger plugs without any overlapping. Kasa Smart Plug Power Strip is cleverly designed. With all the outlets placed side by side, you get enough space to plug in all your devices. Everything is performed in a unique way. This product also uses the option of voice controlling command by using Google Assistant and Alexa. It allows full control of your lights, cameras, and computers. The power strip works very well on the solid wifi connection and 2,4 Gz network. It comes with 1,710 joules of surge protection.

Kasa seemingly converts three ‚dumb devices to smart devices, with support for HomeKit, Amazon Alexa, and Google Assistant. You also get 2 USB ports. Overall I am impressed with how well it works. This doubles as a highly efficient USB power strip that can be used to charge all sorts of electronic devices. And this is why the Kasa has proven to be the best indeed.” p_3_headbig=”Features:” p_3_ul=”3-Smart Outlets|2-USB Ports|Simple set up|Works with Alexa Echo and Google Home|ELT certified|Set schedule and timers|No Hub Required|KASA App|Surge protector with USB” pros=”Control from anywhere|Boost efficiency and convenience|Saving money on electricity bills|No hub requirements|simple and easy setup|Spaced outlets|Nice flat 90-degree plug for tight places|Easy and safe to use for the elderly and children|Robust scheduling|Smart power management” cons=”Unless on sale, it’s priced on the higher end…but worth it!” comment=”🏆 Voted Best Smart Power Strip”]

Editor’s Recommendation

Whether you are only looking to add more outlets, or add a layer of protection, you always need the best smart surge protector or smart power strip.

Buyer’s Guide

With the best range of features and prices, it is somehow hard to figure out what’s nonsense and what’s worth your hard earned money. So, through the proper research in this review, I hope to have helped you make your choice.

Remember, if you are living in the area with more thunderstorms, then your gear will almost certainly experience power surges. And in desert areas your refrigerator or AC may kick power spikes back-down. In either scenario it really helps to have the best smart power strips. A good power strip should have at least surge protection and a fuse.

If I miss something, then simply contact us in the comment section. We will try to cover the point as soon as possible.

A SMART Power Strip is the BEST Power Strip!

Technology is advancing at an alarming rate! And this advanced technology is totally reshaping the way we engage with our electronics. Smart Power Strips allow you to take full advantage of everything your electronics have to offer, while saving precious energy resources. A smart power strip gives you a lot of options for multiple devices. Compared to traditional strips, smart power strips are a different story entirely. If you have a crowded power strip, it’s important to consider where the plug’s outlet is located. This is why moving from a traditional power strip to a smart power strip is such transformational experience. Smart power strips are quickly becoming the new norm for power strips!

8 Smart Plugs and Smart Power Strips You Should Also Check Out:

Although they didn’t make the Top 5 Best Smart Power Strip List, I found these to be very strong competitors! These are all very high quality smart plugs & strips. And most of these smart plugs & strips are compatible with Alexa and Google. Before making a final purchase, I strongly recommend you check these out as well.

[productthumbs meta=”Wifi-Google-Alexa-Smart-Power-Strips” includelinks=”no” asins=”B07TS2GZCJ,B07P65GJS1,B07MVZZV3G,B07P15SJ84,B07MFTRMM3,B07DMFZGVL,B088WBG3JT,B08396TJ6K”]

Frequently Asked Questions

[qa qa_1=”1|What Is A Smart Plug?
|A Smart Plug is a smart home device that can connect to a home (or office) wi-fi network. The plug can be controlled using a mobile device app or Amazon Alexa voice commands. Some smart plugs can also be controlled using Google Home.
” qa_2=”2|What Can A Smart Plug Do?
|A Smart Plug can add extra intelligence to every electronic device you connect to it. This puts the control of every device at your fingertips from anywhere in the world. Smart Plugs can also limit wasteful energy usage by efficiently monitoring and controlling wattage consumption.
” qa_3=”3|Do Smart Plugs Save Money?
|Sure they do! If your intent is to save money by limiting kilowatt hour usage, the a smart plugs or smart power strip is the right choice. Most smart plugs include features like timers and auto-off functional when devices are not in use.
” qa_4=”4|Do I Need a Smart Plug?
|For the good of the planet, I always recommend everyone to get smart plugs! Above all, smart Plugs and smart power strips are super convenient! And on top of that, they can save precious non-renewable energy resources.
” qa_5=”5|How Does a Smart Plug Work?
|The major components of a smart plugs include: the wifi module, the trigger switch, and the software model that recieves commands from the mobile app or voice assistant. Together these components provide control to the connected devices…making them respond to your commands.
” qa_6=”6|What Can I Connect To A Smart Plug?
|Any device can be connected to a smart plug. Some are more recommended than others. But if a device or appliance has an On-Off switch then it can be connected to a smart plug. Good examples are: coffee makers, lamps, and radios.
” qa_7=”7|Can I plug in a power strip to the smart plug?
|Yes it is ok to daisy chain a power strip to a smart plug. You can plug a power strip into a Smart Plug and turn it on-off via the smart plug app or virtual voice assistant. Just make sure that the plugged in devices do not exceed the rated amperage and wattage of the Smart Plug.
” qa_8=”8|Can I use a Smart Plug or Smart Power Strip on my TV?
|Unfortunately, the short answer is no. Most modern televisions go into standby mode when you turn them off. And because smart plugs are configured to shut off all power once the TV is turned off, it would need to be manually turned on after power is restored.
” qa_9=”9|Can I control the a smart plug when I am away from my home?
|Yes. Smart plugs are Wi-Fi enabled. You can control them out-of-home using a mobile app or virtual voice assistant like Amazon Alexa or Google Home.
” qa_10=’10|Can I use the smart plug outside?
|There are some Best Surge Protection recommended weatherproof smart power strips made especially for outdoors. My favorite is POWURI Smart Outdoor Power Strip‘ qa_11=”11|How Much Energy Does a Smart Power Strip or Plug Save?
|$2-3 per month is the median average savings per US household when using a smart power strip or plug. This is based on confirmed data from the University of California, Berkeley and 8 other universities. This figure can vary slightly depending on your local utility rate and the type of connected devices, it can save less, or much more. On average, you can expect to save $35 per year with a smart plug. You can realize a 1 year ROI for your smart plug purchase” qa_12=’12|What is the best APC SMART Surge Protector?|APC’s model PH6U4X32 is the best smart power strip surge protector. It is rated at 2160 Joules!’]

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