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Best Surge Protector Ever Highest Ratings Reviews
Best Surge Protector Ever Highest Ratings Reviews
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The Overall Best Surge Protector

The Bototek YA18WS 10 Outlet Surge Protector with USB is our top rated surge protector of all time. It has stood the test of time year after year, with over 18,278 positive reviews at the time of this post. It’s great!

Bototek YA18WS is a versatile and extremely powerful surge protector that can easily be considered one of the best in its class. -Sergio “Dr Surge” Miller-

Why choose this surge protector?

It’s a fact…The safest surge protector is a high-quality one that works — and, importantly, one that you’re actually using. A surge protector can keep your electronics safe from damage due to excess current.

Cheapie power strips have no built-in surge protection. This means it’s not suitable for sensitive electronics unless you have another method of surge protection in the circuit.

The best surge protectors offer protection against miswiring, low voltage, and power surges. It can reduce “noise” or unwanted disruption in the electrical signal from the mains as noise can shorten the lifespan of electronic devices over time. And it provides you protection from all potential electrical dangers.

Bototek YA18WS is the Best Surge Protector of All Time…Ever!

No bull…we review hundreds of surge protector products on and the Bototek YA18WS surpasses all as the MOST VERSATILE GENERAL PURPOSE SURGE PROTECTOR on the market to date. Over 18,278 positive reviews on Amazon proves this point. This is a product that I trust in my own home and assure it meets the quality & safety qualifications of my family. In my personal reviews I’ve found the Bototek YA18WS to be near flawless. Everything from the design to the practical functionality and quality of construction make it my top surge protector of all time. It offers exceptional surge protection designed for the consumer. And this high-quality surge protector will last for around five years.

Grade A+ Protection

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Bototek YA18WS features an impressive 2,100 joules of surge protection within its advanced circuit design.

Guaranteed Quality

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24 months worry freee and lifetime support. Unit is fireproof up to 1,382 degrees. ETL Listed and passes FCC Certified quality standards.

Wide Spaced Outlets

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Big bulky adapters? No worries. This surge protector leaves plenty of space to fit wide plugs.

Overload Protection

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Rated at 1875W overload capacity, this features a twin safety switch will auto trip to protect your devices and your home.

Don’t take my word…

Checkout the Bototek YA18WS Surge Protector for Yourself! In testing, this surge protector was one of the best at preventing extra voltage from reaching its outlets.

Priced under $30

cost effective and fit your budget

Frequently Asked Questions:

[qa qa_1=”1|What types of devices does the Bototek YA18WS protect from power surges?|The Bototek YA18WS protects a variety of devices. And when you spend a lot of money for your TVs and electronic devices, you want to do everything in your power to keep them safe. This Bototek surge protector not only keeps those devices safe from damaging electrical spikes, it also features a 6 foot cord to extend the reach of those devices.” qa_2=”2|My current surge protector heats up. How is this Bototek model different?|Rest easy knowing that the Bototek YA18WS is there to protect your family. The fireproof (up to 1382 degrees) casing and double safety trip switch makes sure electrical disasters are avoided in your home.” qa_3=”3|How does conduct its reviews?|At we pride ourselves in providing you with the most comprehensive product reviews on the internet. We specialize in surge protector, power strip, and surge protection related products. Each month we test dozens of surge protection related products and conduct thorough analysis. We perform hands on durability tests and validate customer feedback from various sources. We objectively compare specifications and the anecdotal claims made by many manufacturers. The analysts at compile our results and happily share them with you…in hopes that it make your shopping experience much easier. Our aim is to save you the trouble. We do the hard work for you.” qa_4=”4|How do i know if my power strip is a surge protector?|Power strips simply add additional outlet space, while surge protectors protect connected devices from sudden electrical spikes. Surge protectors use a rating system called Joule Rating. The Joule Rating refers to how much energy your surge protector can absorb.” qa_5=”5|What is a surge protector?|A surge protector is a device that, when used properly, suppresses electrical spikes of energy from passing to connected devices. Voltage is limited by either blocking or shorting to ground any electrical levels above a safe threshold.” qa_6=”6|What causes electrical spikes (ie power surges)?|Electrical spikes can be caused by internal factors like AC Units & refrigerators or they can be cause by external factors like lightning and obstructed power lines.” qa_7=”7|How does a surge protector work?|Geesh, tough question…just kidding :-). Whenever voltage reaches a certain threshold, surge protectors simply re-route that excess energy via a pressure-sensitive valve. When the voltage is correct, the pressure valve is not activated and electrical current flows normally. However, when a spike/surge occurs, the valve activates immediately and redirects the overflow of energy.”]


This surge protector is the answer. I originally purchased the Bototek for my own personal use to protect my newly purchased 85 inch LED tv. I picked up the very best power conditioner/surge protector that I could afford. Well that didn’t last long! My wife, Mary, kindly took it over. She found it prudent that this Bototek be used to plug in her hair dryers and high voltage electronics at her salon. No sweat. Mary enjoys the two outlets designed for bulky transformers. I bought another…and it was the best decision I’ve made. I absolutely love this surge protector!!
Jamison A.



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